Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What an idea!!!

Stitch what I have in my stash? What a great idea!!

I'm going to join in on the 10/25/50 Project Challenge!

Purpose of the challenge: to reduce the amount of patterns you have not stitched.

Here are the rules as posted:

Rules for 10, 25, or 50 Project Challenge

* 1. Have fun reducing your stash.
* 2. There is no time limit- people have different size projects they would like to work on.
* 3. Thou shall not purchase any new patterns until 10, 25, or 50 projects have been stitched. Pattern size does not matter.
* 4. This challenge can also apply to knitting, beading, sewing and crocheting patterns.
* 5. You can make some exemptions - I am not placing limitations on this due to commitments that people might already have. Remember, though, the goal of this challenge is to reduce stash so too many exemptions will sabotage these efforts. I have declared three exemptions. (okay... I'm taking four/five.)
* 6. Gifts, gift cards, trades, RAKs and patterns bought with gift money are not a violation of this challenge. This also applies to purchasing patterns for gifts that give other people.
* 7. Freebies count as part of your total and you can aquire them at any point.
* 8. The offical start date of this challenge was Sept 1, 2006 since I have been posting about it for awhile and want to make sure the everyone's projects have been included.

My exemptions:
1. Stash needed for exchanges I have joined. --This shouldn't really count, because I will not be keeping it!
2. Special things needed to complete a project, i.e. beads, charms, fibers or fabric.
3. My monthly quilt blocks will NOT be included in this challenge!
4. WIP and UFO's count toward the total.
5. Monthly Silkweaver fabric (hey-it's only one piece!), and anything that is already on order at the LNS. :-)

So.... I guess I will have fun playing in the stash! I can always look at the new stuff, and just add it to my 'wish list' for when I meet my challenge total! Anyone else have as much stash as I do, and want to join me?

Stitching on today: Autumn exchange --one more time!


Jenn said...

I'm already in for 25, and just posted my third completion yesterday! :)

And I'm afraid to wonder which of us has more stash...

Jenn said...

I'm taking part. I'm doing 50 and I just finished my first piece on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I also think it's a great idea, Myrna, but I haven't yet decided the number of projects to commit to. Hmmmmm.... I'll have to think on that one ;-)

Lelia said...

Myrna, back on the stash diet? Do you know d-i-e-t is a 4-letter word??? LOL

Enjoy your challenge.

I've got my list of WIPs out & ready. When spare stitching time is available -- I want to work on those.

We have frost & possible snow in the forecast. What is with that??

Sharon said...

The doorhanger is too cute! Good luck on your challenge.

Meari said...

I'm doing the 10 Project Challenge. I've got them all picked out and most of the stash needed to complete them. Good luck with your challenge. Remember... no stash buying! ;)