Monday, September 14, 2009

Kristen's Photo!

My DIL Kristen entered a photo contest... Please vote for her picture!!

Dead End

Thanks so much!!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jewelry and Sisterhood...

No stitching updates...

But, I did want to show off the lovely jewelry that my dear Chuckie got me for our 28th Wedding Anniversary! It is so 'not my normal' , but, I love it!!!

Necklace & Earrings

And, the 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pattern' is ready to move again... details can be found here:
Jill's Purple Peacock Blog.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BBD Petites Lettres Rouges

Here is my version of Blackbird Designs 'Petites Lettres Rouges'.

Fabric: Unknown Creme Linen
Fiber: GAST Morning Glory

I would say I made mistakes from the chart... but, I like to refer to them as 'A Stitcher's Unique Interpretations'!

Isn't that sweet.... the Turkey and some of the other birds have come over to check out my stitching. Oh wait... is that Turkey mad because I put only one bluebird in the picture? Is he saying he can stomp on that little bluebird? Let me put down my coffee, and rescue the poor little bird...

OMG!!!! You dang Turkey!! Look what you have done!!! Get off the table!!! I'll see if I can salvage this! I guess I'll just shove the whole project in the coffee cup, and see what happens.

Rinsed, pressed, and it doesn't look too bad! I guess it is now on 'coffee' colored linen.

I'm thinking this project would look great on the top of a box. Will see what my creative mind can come up with! LOL

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate it!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

It must be Spring!!! Black Cats - Blackbird - Daffodil - and a Turkey!

It must be Spring!!! The signs are all appearing...

The 'boys' sitting by the slider to the deck... enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!

A new project.... "Petites Lettres Rouges" by Blackbird Designs... available on their blog here.
Being stitched on an unknown linen with GAST Morning Glory. I'm not sure I'm liking the colors I picked... will see when it is done. :-)

My first daffodil of the year!! I don't know if I have ever had one bloom. I usually just get a lot of greens. :-) (And, it looks like my pink hyacinths might bloom too!)

And... what would Spring be with out the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Go Detroit Red Wings!!! The turkey is already celebrating, with his friend the bear.... looks like he is ready to throw Al the Octopus onto the ice!

Thanks for stopping by... it means a lot to me that you took the time, and if you left a comment, I really do appreciate it!

Happy Spring!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's finished!! -- and pictures

I have been working on this Table Topper forever! (not really, but, it has been a 'camp' project, and this year I decided to finish it!) I do like the way it turned out...

Dutch Treat Designs "Classic Quilt Squares"
Fabric: Silkweaver Anne Cloth 'Days Gone By'
Fibers: DMC Perle Cottons

And, I had stitched this little design up at Camp. My sister had brought me the 'kit' with the design, fabric, fibers and buttons. The chart showed it finished as a basket wrap around, but, I decided to make it into a little pillow. (I am thinking of passing this on to my DIL! - she likes things 'tres cute'!)

Stitchin' Fix "Easter Basket"
Fabric: 18ct. Star Sapphire Linen
Fibers: Assorted 'cool' fibers

On another note... my sister Reee knits me socks. I love the socks she knits me... from the little ones for golf, to my big ones to keep my feet warm! Aren't they cool?

Any way... she keeps telling me that I could knit my own socks.... NOT! About all I can handle is knitting dishcloths! LOL So... she was very surprised when I told her I was sending her a pair of socks that I had knitted!!! Here is a picture of the socks that I knitted, (look close... they are in there!):

Knitted Kitty Creations "I Finally Knit Socks"
A Freebie in her 'odds & ends' collection
Knit in Red Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Yarn

I finally pulled the fibers for the Papillon Creations new Mystery Project "Castles in the Air". I debated over this a long time... finally had my daughter help me out, and then sent my DIL off to Hobby Lobby with a list, and instructions to change them, if they didn't 'look' right. She picked out what I had listed.

Floss toss for 'Castles In the Air'
Fabric: 28ct. Evenweave 'cream'
Fibers & Beads: DMC -- Gold metallic, Frosted gold and frosted orange beads

And for a parting shot... you get a picture of my big metal turkey. My son and DIL gave him to me a few Thanksgivings past, and he has a place of honor in the dining room bay window. He likes to dress up for the holidays... He thinks he is disquised as the Easter Bunny!

Take joy in the day -- wherever you may find it!!!

Family news.... DH no longer has to go to the podiatrist!! His foot is completely healed, and he is back to work!!! Thank you to all who offered up a little prayer...

If you made it this far... thanks for taking the time to look at my pictures, and read my ramblings. I appreciate you stopping by...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Exchange for Sharon!!

Sharon has let me know that her Spring exchange has arrived...

I made the Bent Creek Spring for her post stand up, a little scissor fob with a design from Trail Creek Farm, and a little pin with a design from Lizzie Kate. I really like the way they all turned out!

I was sooo pleased with the way the little pin turned out. (so you get an extra picture!). I don't normally stitch over one, but, the idea popped in my head, and I thought, yeah, I can do this! Didn't it turn out great? I used one of those finishing tin things, and then put a pin back on it. I might have to use this idea again!

And, here is the whole package... I found some charts and goodies for Sharon while I was at camp, and included them! Also, some treats for the kidlets, and kitties!

Thanks for looking.... I have a few of my own stitching finishes to post... will try to get to that soon. Maybe the sun will shine and make a better picture taking day!

And, I am so far behind in reading blogs... I decided to mark all the ones I have in my Bloglines as 'read' and start fresh.... Please forgive me for being neglectful. It's been some kind of crazy the last couple months around here. It can only get better!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Camp Stitch-A-Lot 2009

Once again, it was a wonderful weekend!! Camp Stitch-A-Lot is put on by Stitches 'N Things -- my favorite LNS! This is my ninth year of attending.

My sister, Reee, picked me up on Thursday, and we headed to Davison, MI. I had stitched up a new nametag to wear:

And, I stitched up a design to put on a tote, that I would carry my stitching stuff in all weekend.
Reee had picked out the design for me, and I finally stitched it up. She thinks it fits me perfectly! I don't 'get' it, but, oh well! The design is one of Amy Bruecken's.

I received a special giftee from my friends from New York! Daryl and Cathy surprised me with a pair of blue scissors (who would have picked out blue for me?!!), a measure that looks like a little sheep, and a beautiful skein of 'Lumpy Bumpy' yarn, and a gift certificate for the shop!!! I wound the yarn into a ball, and have already started a little on a scarf, in a seed stitch pattern.

We made our annual trek to the Elaine's Yarn shop in Davison, and I picked out this book to purchase. There are so many beautiful yarns there...

We headed to the shop in Fenton on Friday -- for a little stashing! I got some great things, and I also picked up some items at Deb's 'SNT On the Road' Shop at the Hotel.

Deb treated all attendees with a great vinyl tote, and inside were more goodies!

On Saturday morning... I took Betsy Stinner's class, 'Women of the Sea'. I just love Bets!!! You can't go wrong taking a class with Betsy as the teacher. It is always a treat, and I love the talk she gives as she's teaching.

Deb had a new thing for Saturday night... it was a raffle with all kinds of prizes! I won this beautiful chart by Blue Ribbon Designs, some threads and fabric! (My sister, Reee, won a set of Northern Lights Needlepoint Silks - I think 70 of them!!!)

And... I went 'shopping' in the chart cast offs! There is a place at camp, where stitchers bring their charts and things that they have stitched, or no longer want to have for the other campers to claim! I had taken some charts that I had already stitched, and they were grabbed up fast! Here is what I came home with to add to the stash.... (A few of them were brought to camp especially to give to me! LOL)

I did not take Amy Bruecken's finishing class, but, enjoyed spending stitching time with her. What a delight she is!! She surprised me by giving me these two charts!! (I had already purchased a few of her charts during the weekend -- so was thrilled to receive two more!)

And... last picture... here is most of the 'group' of us that have been attending together for the last nine years. We are the "Stitchy Sisters"!! There are a few missing, but, we hope to all be together next year for our ten year of friendship!

Thanks for looking!!! I appreciate that you took the time...

Spring Exchange from Sharon!!

Sharon is my year long exchange partner. I swear she peeks into my head and knows exactly what I need to brighten my day! I just love everything that was included in the box I received! Everything was wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper!

This is the adorable Spring 'Cube' that was in the box! It even has little buttons on it! It is brightening up the living room on the back of the piano!

She also included all these goodies!!! I love the charts, and floss and needle tin, and fabric, and rings, and egg ornaments! (I need to have Chuck go out in the yard and find a branch, so I can hang them on it!) (I knew there was a reason I bypassed these items when I was at Camp last week.... too funny!!)

And, also included were these adorable Salt & Pepper shakers!! I am just amazed, mainly because I don't think I ever mentioned to anyone that I have a large collection of Salt & Pepper Shakers that I change out all the time!! I love these Easter Chickens!!!

Thank you so much, Sharon!! You are indeed a friend of my heart!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stitching pictures

I had an urge to stitch pink! LOL So, I stitched up some Valentine designs...

For my sister, I stitched up a SanMan design and finished it into a pinkeep.

From top, clockwise: Dragonfly Stitches "2009 Be My Valentine", Charland Designs "Heart Scissor Fob"; The Drawn Thread "All you need is Love"; Mosey 'n Me "All Buttoned Up"; and Elizabeth's Designs "Love". They were all gifted to stitchers!

And, I stitched up a SanMan design 'A Cup of Winter', finished it into a flatfold, and sent it down to Sharon. I included some hot chocolate, chocoalate treats, and some winterfresh gums.

Other than that... I've been stitching on monthly designs for my kitchen calendar holder, (need to get some pictures of those), and a LHN design, and my projects for the spring exchange.

Camp Stitch-a-lot is in 16 days, and I have to finish up my name tag and decide what to pack! I am soooo excited about camp this year. I need to get away from the daily stuff at home for a few days.

Thanks for looking, and Happy Stitching!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Sending a gift...

Hi all...

There was a 'Stash Box' collection at the SanMan Board, and I decided to contribute. I picked out a piece of Silkweaver fabric, a handful of DMC flosses, and a little mesh bag. All color coordinated, of course! LOL It will be on it's way to the lucky winner of the stash box tomorrow! What an exciting delivery it will be! I think there were at least 100 participants...

And, just because... here is a picture of my CeeCee, with his favorite green mouse.

Thanks for looking.... Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wintery Exchanges!

I received the most awesome exchange from Sharon! What a thrill to have the 'mail lady' knocking on my front door with a package from Florida! She stitched the most beautiful snowflake, and it is residing on the piano, for all to see... *she sent the awesome stand too!

And, if that wasn't enough... she spoiled me rotten, with all kinds of goodies wrapped in the box! Two charts off my wish list... the needle minder... a huge handful of Crescent Colors... cute mitten socks... and Altoids!

Sharon... I love everything! Thank you sooo much!! (I am not worthy!)

And, I sent off a wintery package to Florida. I sooo wanted to send Sharon snow... but, DH was sure it would melt on the way there. I stitched up Bent Creek "Signs of Winter" for the post stand, and a little winter fob freebie from Trail Creek Farm.

I also was able to pack a few winter type goodies in the box.

Thanks for stopping by... stay warm... and Happy Stitching!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a new year...

I want to wish everyone that stops by a very Happy New Year! I know it's the 12th of January, but, boy... what a couple of weeks we have had here!

We have snow... lot's of snow!

DH Chuck got the lovely holiday gift of the flu on Christmas Eve. That meant canceling all plans for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day! By the day after Christmas, he wasn't getting any better. Ran him into emergency, they put him in the hospital!! He was very dehydrated. Anyway... got him home two days later. They had pumped him so full of fluids his hands and feet had swelled. They didn't notice that his toes had split. (he is diabetic). Needless to say... he got an infection, didn't even know it, because he has minimal feeling in his feet. Let's just say... it is bad. They have taken x-rays to see how far the infection spread, and he is on heavy antibiotics, creams for the infection, and he is home with me. I have no idea when he will be able to go back to work. We go back to the doctor on Thursday.

I have been stitching some, and cleaned up the craft room a little. I got a beautiful, wonderful package from Sharon, and have taken pictures, and will share soon.

I hope to be better about posting this year....

Thank you all for stopping by!