Friday, March 31, 2006

SBQ - 3/22/2006

Today's SBQ was suggested by Carol and is:

Have you ever participated in a needlework mystery (i.e., a design that you started before knowing how it will look in the end and by which you receive parts of the design via the internet, magazines, or leaflets at spaced intervals)? If so, why did you decide to do the mystery? What appealed to you about it? Did you enjoy it? If you have not done a mystery, would you ever do one?

Yes, I have participated in a few mysteries. For the most part they have been great fun. The reason I decided to try one, I had seen some of the designs that others had done, and liked the style of the designer. The ones I have, also incorporated different types of fibers and stitches than I had used before, so they were also a learning experience. Part of the fun is watching the design all come together.

I am now doing the online Quaker Sampler, and enjoying this also.

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Stitching Pictures and more...

Here is the first thing I finished at Camp weekend. It is by Forever in My Heart - Cross Stitcher at Work. I changed the colors called for on the chart, and I'm thinking I picked too light a color for part of the design. Maybe if I backstitch around the letters, they will 'pop' a bit. I might give it a try -- the fabric I picked to make it into a hanger has some brown in it.

Here is my Rose Mosaic Needleroll, all stitched and beaded. I now have to finish it up into the needleroll.

This is my Classic Quilt Squares Tabletopper. I did the one whitish pinwheel while at camp.

Here is a surprise! My sister, Ree, made me this beautiful 'felted' purse!! It even has a little pocket inside! Pretty cool, huh?

And, this is from my dear friend, Barbara in Florida! She said when she saw it, it was just me! I love it!! (and so true....LOL)

Stitching on today: Quaker Sampler

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It lives!!!!

My dear son, Rick, has been able to breathe new life into my computer! It now has a new mother board, a new fan, an additional hard drive, and I can't remember what else. All my 'stuff' on the computer is still there, so, I am very happy!

I'm way behind on blogs -- but, thank you all for your wonderful comments about Camp and my new stuffs! I have been able to get some stitching done, and hope to be able to show those off soon. (we have to re-install the camera, or something. Rick said he would do it this weekend.)

I was able to print out the next installment of the Quaker Sampler at the library, so I have that to keep me busy the next few days. Then -- work on something already in progress or start on something new???? (I've got lots of goodies to pick from -- suggestions always welcome!)

Stitching on today: Forever In My Heart Tulip Sampler

Monday, March 27, 2006

Computer down....

I killed my computer! (It must have been all the posting I did!) I'm at the library, and my son, Rick, hopes to have me back up and running by Thursday!! I am going thru withdrawal, but, hope to catch up with you all when I can get back on line at home!!!

Hugs to you all, and thanks for the comments!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Orphans Adopted....

And there is an 'orphan' area set up at camp, where stitchers bring their used charts, or unwanted charts because their tastes have changed... pieces of fabric, or whatever, and you can go thru them, and take anything that appeals to you! I had taken some things, but, came home with more! My stitchy friends kept finding things for me!! Here's the orphans that I adopted:

Thanks for looking and reading my long entries!

Stash Report

Now... you all have to remember that this is my major stash shopping trip! But, even I was a bit overwhelmed at the amount I seem to have acquired!! When you go five different times, and get a bag each time.... I'll have a lot to keep me busy!! First is the 'Goodie Bag' we received at Camp:

This is a little Shepherd's Bush kit I got for Becca to try... she has been showing some interest...

This is my Class kit...

Pictures of the new stuffs:

A pretty good haul, if I do say so myself!!!

I'm back!!! Camp Report - long!

Camp is over for another year. :-( But, I had a wonderful time!

Pictures up in my album -- Photos (when I remembered I brought my camera!)

Thursday: Reee picked me up, and we had lunch with Mom before we headed east to Davison... Lots of anticipation and giggling on the drive over. We arrived to lots of hugs! (I talk to most of our little group every day, but, it is way different to see them!) We got settled into our room, and went back out to the lobby. I often wonder what the hotel staff thinks when all these stitchers just take over! Ree and I decided we needed to make a run to Stiches 'N Things (hereafter refered to as SNT), to say hi to the gals there, and maybe (?) pick up a few things. With that completed we headed back to the hotel. More stitchers had arrived and friendships were renewed and new ones started!

Friday: More stitchers arrived, and more of our group -- we were almost complete! Another stash run to SNT -- and the shop was busy! Part of the fun is showing off the finds, and having another stitcher ask "Where did you find that? I want one!" All the staff is very patient and understanding. Maybe because they are stitchers, too! Friday night was the 'Meet and Greet' that Deb (owner of SNT), has to introduce everyone, meet the Designers, and tell about the plans for the weekend. Linda Palmer of 'In A Gentle Fashion' was one of the Designers this year, and Betsy Stinner of Earth Threads. Linda's designs are beautiful, in muted colors and very delicate. Her design was a heart piece, and was very lovely. (I did not take her class, but, the stitchers who did said it was great!) Betsy's design was a sampler, 'The Eliza Pickney Sampler', and she would be telling the story of this historic woman. Deb requested everyone to put their nametags in for a contest... Ree's nametag came in second!! Afterwards, we all found a place to stitch either in the lobby or conference room, and chatted and laughed, and got a little stitching done until the wee hours!
--- on a side note for Friday, my husband Chuck and daughter Becca, surprised Ree by coming over and bringing us Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner. (I knew about the plans.) They got to meet some of the stitchers, and Becca heard how she looks just like her mom! :-)

Saturday: Dragged ourselves out of bed in time for Betsy's class. Did I mention how much I love Betsy?! It was wonderful!!! Betsy is such a great teacher, and I so enjoy the history behind the design. Eliza Pickney was quite a woman -- and shows just how strong we can be! (I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is taking the class later this year.) We had a lunch break, and then back to class. The room was a little stuffy, and warm -- we had had a great lunch, so, the eyelids were wanting to close -- Ree fell asleep! And the funniest part was, she was right in front of Betsy! I too was struggling -- I had attempted the 'triple cross' four times -- taking it out each time -- and finally gave up, and just listened for the rest of the class. I knew Betsy would be around all weekend if I needed help!

After class -- guess where we headed? Yes, back to SNT! I made a major dent in the wish list! But, some things were just not calling to me when I looked at the charts, and I was enabled by a lot of other stitchers with the charts they were looking at! You all would think it funny how many would walk up to me, and say... "Did you see this one? It's done in blues..." (Yes, blue is my favorite color... the running joke all weekend was: "Does that design you are stitching have DMC 930 in it? We know that's your favorite color!")

The shop staff put on a great dinner for all the stitchers, and then it was again the laughing, chatting, and stitching all over the common areas of the hotel. One of the great things is roaming around, and checking to see what everyone is stitching! And before we knew it... it was the wee hours of the morning, again! I did have a finish on Cross Stitcher at Work!!!

Sunday: It was Ree's birthday, and her husband called at 7:10 a.m.!! (Probably a good thing, as I don't know when I would have awoke!) We migrated out to the lobby and took up our stitching. Some stitchers were starting to leave... we exchanged email addresses with our new friends, and gave out hugs and wished them safe journeys. Our group got together in the conference room for our Annual Group Photo. How special this one is, as we were all here once again!! We then had a few others join us for a few more shots... and some of our group headed home. Was the weekend over already??? Jenn and I moved to another table in the lobby and started beading our Rose Mosaic needlerolls. Jenn provided the beads... I had the 'Tacky Bob'! I told Jenn I was a slow beader, and now I think she really believes me! Ree wanted to go get something to eat, and make a run to SNT (again?), so, I left Jenn beading, hoping we would be back before she and her daughter left, (didn't make it -- missed you by about 1/2 hour), but, Jenn was sweet enough to leave me beads to finish! We settled back in, stitched away the rest of the afternoon/evening! I think I finished beading about 11:00 p.m.! And even dropping a few, I had plenty of beads... Thanks Jenn!! (now I'll have to get busy and finish it up!) So, two finishes so far at camp! I pulled out my Classic Quilt Squares Table topper to work on, but, not a lot of progress made. Too busy laughing. Camp is officially over on Sunday afternoon, but some of our group stay over until Monday, as we just want to drag out our once-a-year get-together as long as we can....

Monday: Dragged ourselves out of bed. Started to pack up. This is the hardest... saying our goodbyes to dear friends, that we won't see for another year. As two leave, we all start singing "Leaving, On a jet plane...", and then ran out to wave as they drove away... Yes, silly, but, I would rather have them leave smiling... I was starting to lose it. All my friends are so dear to me.... We headed out at about noon. Tears, hugs, and 'see you next year' shared by all. It just is so different - even though we were talking in emails by Monday evening...

Stash report to follow in a later post.... This one is long enough!

Stitching on today: Tulip Sampler

Thursday, March 16, 2006

SBQ & rambling...

Do you stitch "over one?" If so, describe your experiences. If not,have you considered it?

Yes, I have! Some designs just 'call' for it. I don't mind it, and I usually will do each cross individually, so as not to lose them in the fabric.

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And now to the rambling....

Have you all checked out
Lelia's Blog? Have you seen what her son is stitching? Dang! I haven't stitched a whole MLI, and here he is going gang-busters! Great Job Nicholas!!

My sister will be here soon, and we will be going out to lunch with Mom, and then heading to Camp!!! (I'm just a little excited!) The camera is packed, as is everything else... I have my Diet Pepsi, Coffee and snacks; Ree's Coke; my stitching 'stuff'; some funky slippers (blue bunnies this year); my makeup, meds, and some clothes. Yuppers-- I'm ready!! **Mom just called -- she made us peanut butter cookies and mini blueberry muffins!!

Now... if anyone has some good cheese to serve with my whine--- Last procedure at the Dr.'s office this morning. "We will remove this little lump on your thigh. It's probably a cyst, and take a few stitches to close it up" Well, it wasn't a cyst. Sending it off to be tested. :::sigh::: And, I don't call eighteen stitches a few! It will probably be uncomfortable when the novacaine wears off. But, I did get shoes on this morning!! Yeah! And, I don't have to drive anywhere, Ree's doing that, and I will just be sitting and stitching and visiting all weekend!

On to stitching... I started the
Cross Stitcher at Work chart last night. I'm using GAST fibers in Freedom for the 'Do Not Disturb' and the big crosses, and Morning Glory for the rest, on 28ct. Flax Cashel. I think it's going to turn out pretty cool. It looks like it will stitch up pretty quickly. I did change the big crosses to Smyrna Crosses -- made more sense to me. But, wait, you say -- that is not on her list to stitch this year! I don't think anything I am taking to camp is on my stitching list, except for the tabletopper. I know... I can't stay on a system. But, it's still early in the year, so I may get back on track! And, I might pick up a few goodies from SNT this weekend! I do have a little (!) list to see about. Sometimes when you see the chart in person, it looks so different from the picture on line... and vice versa! I'll share my goodies purchased when I get back...

I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day! Wear a little green and enjoy! My husband, (who is full of the blarney most of the time), is taking tomorrow off and making Corned Beef and Cabbage. Then he is bringing dinner to Ree and me at the hotel! Sometimes he can be a real sweetie!!

I am outah here!! See you all Monday afternoon!!

Hugs and stitches....

Stitching on today: whatever I grab out of the tote!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Stitching update w/pictures!

It looks like I have been in a 'pink' mood lately! I finished the stitching on the Rose Mosaic Needleroll by M. Designs. Jenn stitched this also, and we will bead them this weekend at Camp.

I've been making some progress on the Provence Sampler. Almost done with the big alphabet!

And, I started Secret Flower Bed by the Trilogy.

I've got a couple of neat projects lined up to take with me to Camp, along with my Tabletopper to work on. Some years I get a lot of stitching done, and then others... I'm too busy gabbing and laughing!!

I have to get packed! My sister has called twice today to see if I am packed!! I was busy getting my stitching projects ready! I have my priorities straight... stitching stuff first, then clothes and stuff.

Stitching on today: Cross Stitcher at Work

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Camp Kit done --- finally!!

I don't know what it was about this year's nametag -- I just kept putting it off on the finishing. But, as we leave on Thursday, I was running out of time, and finished it this morning! The stitching has been done, but, I hadn't done the 'finishing touches'. I made the tassels, too -- a first for me!

Here is the front of my nametag, (it's a pocket thing to hang around your neck, and will hold our room key - like a credit card size - and tissues, or whatever), I also made a little needlebook, and a fob to match. Not the best finishing I have ever done, but, it works!

And here is the backs -- camp dates on the back of name tag, and initials and year on the fob. :-)

I better think about packing... My sister says she will not wait for me, and she's the driver! (I bet she would tho...)

Stitching on today: Provence Sampler

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Morning cup and coaster

Accepting the challenge put out.... I'm showing my morning cup and coaster. My cups usually change with the season or holiday, but, I've been using this one since I received it in December. It was a gift from my LNS! (guess that goes to show how much I spend there!)

Stitching on today: Provence Sampler, and The Trilogy Secret Flower Garden

Friday, March 10, 2006

SBQ - 03/08/2006

Today's SBQ is:

Do you have an organizational system for your patterns? If so, how do you organize them? If not, have you considered organizing them?

I used to be organized. Now it is semi-organized. I have the majority of my patterns in a file cabinet, by Designer. At one point I also had a data listing on the computer with all the charts listed - by Designer, theme, size, etc. It also listed if it needed specialty items, or if I had it kitted up. I saved it all to a disc before we got the new computer, and it is not compatible. :-( I had printed it out, but nothing has been added for the last year.

I need to redo the whole thing... Since my son has moved out, I have taken over his old room, and now only have stash in three places! It's no wonder I can't find what I am looking for. Someday it will once again be in one place. :-)

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Thursday, March 09, 2006


As I read my post from yesterday, it sounds like I am either in a 12-step program, or starting a confession! Maybe both.... 'Hi, my name is Myrna and I am a cross stitch addict.' "Hello, Myrna, and welcome to Cross Stitch Addicts Anonymous." :-)

Here's what I got in my latest stash acquisition:
JBW Designs Sweet Nothings "United We Stand", Sue Hillis Designs Post Stitches "Sew Many Quilts", Forever in My Heart "Cross Stitcher at Work", Forever in My Heart "Tulip Sampler", and Butterfly Ranch Designs "Carol's Treasures".

Dinky Dyes Designs "Cottage Garden" with Silk Pack and The Cat's Whiskers "Red Desert Scissor Pocket" with fibers.

From a secret stitcher, I received JBW Designs Sweet Nothings "Sugar and Spice" (think I'll stitch that up for my little sister - she has two girls), and a lovely piece of fabric. I don't know what to use it for... but, will take suggestions!

And, from one of my stitching buddies... a surprise package that had Faithwurks Design "Words to Golf By" with the frame (!!!) and another little bluebird frame!!!

I know I'm really going to fall off the stash diet next week at camp.... but, maybe it will just be fabric and fibers (for the charts listed above)... yeah, right. This is when I get the majority of my purchases for the next year!

The weather is much warmer today, all the snow is melting... I'm thinking I need to pull out something springy to stitch.

Thank you all for your kind comments... aren't stitchers just the sweetest people?

Stitching on today... ????

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bad Blogger!

Hi.... My name is Myrna, and I am a bad blogger! I haven't posted in over a week!

I've been dealing with the health crap. This is not fun! But, the good news (!) is that I may be able to go back to work on the 22nd! I think I'm getting bored staying at home. (It would help if the weather was a little nicer!)

So, I have been busy stitching...

I finished the second part of the Quaker Sampler...

I did part of the Rose Mosiac needleroll in my SAL with Jenn....

I did a little Christmas design 'Noel' from the SanMan board March SAL...

And, I stitched a little Bent Creek kit called 'Good Morning'...

Yesterday, as I thought I was feeling pretty good, I made a run into Joann's to pick up some floss for an exchange, and a fat quarter of calico to finish up my camp badge. That sure took it out of me! I did get the floss, and fabric, but, sure didn't feel like sewing when I got back home! So, I framed up the little March Calico Crossroads in a square black frame; did the March Lizzie Kate up for the kitchen calender; and framed up the Irish Blessing. The Irish Blessing is crooked! Becca (DD) says if you look at it from the side, it's not very noticable. It is not going to be fixed this year! It took way too long to frame up! I also kitted up a few new items I had gotten in the mail! I should take a picture of my new stash. (I know... fell off the stash diet -- I have no willpower!)

I should also get out the rest of the Shamrock stitching... before you know it March will be over, and time to get out Spring stuff!

I did get a pretty good nights rest last night... that must mean the toe is healing!!

Remember, I don't take the best pictures!

Off to play...

Stitching on today: Rose Mosaic Needleroll