Monday, September 22, 2008

Seasonal Autumn Exchanges

Oh my poor neglected blog.... Did anybody even miss me????

I have some exchanges to share. Will start with this post for the Autumn Seasonal Exchange. My partner in this exchange is Sharon, and I am thrilled to be able to stitch for her! Here is a picture of what I sent to Sharon for the Autumn Exchange: (can you see 'quality control' checking it out?)

Bent Creek "Signs of Autumn"
32ct. cream linen w/DMC
finished a pinkeep for post stand

And here is a picture of the whole goodie package!

Now.... Sharon outdid herself in the package I received! She stitched the most beautiful pinkeep by Lizzie Kate. I absolutely love it!!!

And, if that wasn't enough... look at all that was jam-packed into the box!

I feel truly spoiled... Thank you sooo much, Sharon! (I'm off to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get a stand for the plate and pinkeep!)

Okay... I can't promise I will post every day, but, I am going to try to commit to a blog post at least once a week! I have so much to catch up on.

Till later -- keep the needles humming!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seasonal Exchanges from Carol!!!

I never posted the wonderful Spring Exchange from Carol! (It has been a mixed up mess around here...) If any of you have been fortunate enough to receive anything stitched from her, you just know how wonderful it is! (And how wonderful Carol is!!)

For the Spring Exchange, Carol again outdid herself!!! She made this adorable pinkeep:

And check out this fantastic biscornu!

Her packages are always jam-packed with goodies!

Spring Exchange

Summer Exchange

Autumn Exchange

Winter Exchange

I have truly been spoiled with these packages! Carol has unknowingly added to my 'need' to own multiple pairs of scissors! There was a pair included in each package! I love pretty scissors!

Carol.... thank you so much for the gifts of your beautiful stitching, and for all your generosity over the past year!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Spring Seasonal Exchange for Amy

Well... a full year has gone by, and I sent my last package off to Amy for the Seasonal Exchangers. I have had a blast stitching up stuff for Amy, and hopefully she has enjoyed my efforts. I received word that Amy had received my last package. I had started off the year stitching a pin keep for Amy from a design by Just Nan, so, I thought it was only fitting that I ended the year the same way. :-) I also included a little bunny design by Imaginating that I stitched into a fob.

Amy has mentioned that she likes pansies, so when I saw this fabric at Joann's, I just knew I had to try to make her a tote! I think it turned out pretty cool....

And, then I did my best to fill the tote with some goodies before I mailed it south... Definitely a 'purple' theme going on!

And now, that the commitment for 2007-2008 has been filled, I get to start on my next victim... oops, partner!! I will be stitching for Sharon for the Seasonal Exchangers for the year 2008-2009!! My mind is already busy planning projects just for her!

Thanks for looking!! Until I get a minute to post again.... keep stitching!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Always & Forever

A few pictures today!

Here is a picture of what I stitched up for my nephew and his bride for their wedding:

LHN Always & Forever
Fabric: Silkweaver 32 ct. Little Lavender
Fiber: CC Aunt Marie's Violet
Did the frame puple, and then a whitewash.

And, here are pictures of my handsome nephew, Doug -- his beautiful bride, Deja, and their daughter, Charlie Ann:

This one is my sister, Reee, Deja, Doug, my BIL Tim, and my Mom.

This is another one I finished up... It was a kit, done on aida. I had stitched it in 2005. but just got around to putting it in the frame. I *think* it was a Linda Myers design.

Yea Detroit Red Wings!!! Winners of the 2008 Stanley Cup!!!

Thanks for stopping by! I really do appreciate it....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It was a nice summer....

Yesterday was beautiful! It got up to 80*, and was perfect for a holiday, and cookout... This morning is another story. It is 45* and windy!!! Gotta love our Michigan weather!

I was able to get out this morning and snap a picture of my beautiful yellow iris. These were a gift from my Grandmother when we moved here 20 some years ago!

And, here is a picture of my new fur-grandbaby. Rick and Kristen got a Husky puppy. His name is Diesel, but, I think he should be named Alice Cooper! Yeah... that is me holding him. :-)

Everyone have a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monthly Finishing Challenge -- plus more!

For the Monthly Finishing Challenge, I stitched a blue biscornu... (no sunshine today -- so this is the best I can do on pictures.)
Here is my attempt:

"Quilt Design for Breast Cancer Awareness"
Dragonfly Stitches Yahoo Group
Fabric: 28ct. Meran - Powder Blue
Fibers: DMC #930-931-932
Start: 05/09/08 - Finish: 05/13/08

Dawn Lewis Freebie on the Caron Website
Fabric: 28ct. Meran - Powder Blue
Fibers: DMC #930-931-932
Start: 05/13/08 - Finish: 05/17/08

I also added little blue beads to the 'points' as I was putting it together, and used little blue buttons for the center. I think it turned out good... the cats think it's a great toy! It was good practice for the exchange I signed up for. :-) I see those that add beads all the way around, but, I haven't figured out how to do that... LOL

And... I have been wearing a hat when I play golf this year... trying to protect the face from more sun damage, I guess. And, I had a blue hat that used to be my Dad's, that had a "Wilson" logo on it... I thought I would use the little bit of left over fabric from the biscornu, and stitch something to cover up the logo. I used the alphabet from Heart in Hand 'Alphabet Mania' and stitched out golf, added interfacing to the back, edged it on the machine, and added it to my hat! I think it turned out pretty neat! I wore it last night... had two pars, and chipped into the hole on the last shot of the nine! (I tend to be a 'bogey' golfer, so it was a pretty good night! I'll take a 48 anytime! -- My golf partner says I am 'directionally challenged' tho... Are you supposed to play down the middle of the fairway?)

I also finished up my SAL on the Little House Needleworks Yahoo Group.... but, I can't show it here until June. It's a gift, and I think the recipient reads my blog... I do have to get it framed yet.

And... who ever sent the frogs to visit... I would like to send them back! I have been doing that frog stitch more than I care to!

That's it for now... I better get ready for work! Thanks for your kind comments on my previous posts. My Mom loved her gift, and we had to walk all over the house so she could decide where to hang it. :-) (She had already confiscated the LHN Rose Sampler Flatfold that I made. It was on the table when she came over one day, and said it would look nice in her bedroom...)

Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate that you took the time, and sometimes leave a comment... Take care... God Bless!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

For My Mother...

Here is a picture of what I stitched for my Mom for Mother's Day. She has three daughters, so the three roses seemed appropriate. (I am the middle child.)

Hinzeit "Charmed Vertical Mothers Love"
fabric: 28ct. Antique White Monaco
fibers: DMC
start: 04-20-2008 / finish: 05-09-2008

Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Belated Mother's Day Gift!

I have to share this with you all. I received a belated Mother's Day gift from my son and DIL. The reason was 'the paint had to dry'. What? Lookee here!!! My DIL Kristen is quite the artist!!! (And they gave me a gift certificate to a new restaurant.)

I am now the proud owner of an original oil by Kristen Hallman. :-) Don't you love the colors?

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Winner!

Chuck drew a name out for the drawing and the winning name was:

Heather send me an email with your address, and I'll get the package right out to you!
(remove spaces -- mimabear1 @ )

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day. :-) I'll show a picture of one of my past Mother's Day gifts. The kids and Chuck got me this flowering crabtree a few years ago. It is so lovely when it blooms in the spring. :-)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

April Finishing Challenge and Fun!!

***Edit: I changed the date to keep this on top, and added a goodie to the mix! (I don't have a magic needleroll... I have a needleroll stand! I love it!)

April's challenge was a needleroll with the hemstitch. I was a little worried about getting this one done. I have some in my 'to be finished' that don't have the hemstitch, (not my favorite stitch), but, thought I would start a new one. This reminds me of a Just Nan design with the colors... Here is my monthly contribution:

February 6 Design / 2008 Cross Stitch Calendar
Fabric: 28ct. Lugana - Bo Peep Pink -
Fibers: DMC w/ a few MH beads

Start: 04-23-2008 - Finish: 04-29-2008

Now... here is the fun part!!! This needleroll is NOT perfect!!! But, if any of my visitors would like to take a chance to win this needleroll, and a few other goodies... please post a comment to this post!

** added a knitted dishcloth to the pile!

I will have Chuck draw a name on Mother's Day for a winner! Good Luck!!

Thanks for looking!

Myrna :-) (04/29/2008)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Garden Times Too!!

Wanda received the SBEBB Garden Time Exchange I sent her. She has let me know she likes it!

I sent her a little flower pillow... I found the black fabric and wanted to stitch something to go with it.

And, then I got to thinking, maybe it was not 'conventional' enough, and stitched up the little fob to send along with it.

And, I wanted to send a few garden themed goodies with it! I ordered a few charts -- I must have really liked the Garden Spots, 'cause I ordered two (from two different LNS!) I kept one!

I really enjoy the few exchanges I am able to sign up for. I just signed up for the Biscornu exchange on the SBEBB! I'll practice this finish for the monthly challenge, and then try it for the exchange. :-)

Thanks for reading and your comments... God Bless!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Garden Time!

I received my SBEBB Garden Exchange from Amy! She made me the most awesome pillow, and included a chart from my wish list (with the buttons!), and fibers, and notepad, and chocolate!

Thank you, Amy!!! I love everything! :-)

Here is a picture of my few plants I have purchased... no, they are not planted yet! It was 33* when I took this picture this morning! They are still on the front porch, covered up at night. I know it was early to purchase the geraniums and tomatoes, but, I couldn't resist!

I played golf yesterday... it was cold! But, considering I hadn't picked up a golf club since last October, I figure I did pretty well. I ended up with a 51 for the nine. The greens were like cement! I guess they were frozen! Hopefully the weather will warm up, and my scores will go down....

I've been stitching on a Mother's Day present for my Mom. It is Hinzeit Charmed Vertical Mothers Love. I'm hoping to get it stitched and made into a wall hanging by Mother's Day. (excuse the wrinkles, please)

And... my dear husband, Chuck, thinks I need to be put somewhere where I can't hurt myself or anything else! Monday started off weird.... I thought to make myself a fried egg for breakfast, went to flip it, and missed the pan and onto the burner it went! I should have given up then! Made a run to the gas station, couldn't seem to get out of the van! Duh! undo your seatbelt!!! The front doorknob is loose... okay, I can fix this. I take it all off, clean it, and put it back together. The latchy thing won't work... Okay, I've broken the probably 100+ year old doorknob... but, hey! It looks good!! Nice and shiny! (you can see the latchy thing is not sticking out!)

At this point, I have such a headache... I think I will just give up and stitch! What harm can there be in that? I decide to press a piece of fabric... Becca asks me a question, and I answer her while leaving the iron on the fabric!!! Yuppers... it's scorched!!! Back to the chair... I have WIP's... just pull one of those out!

Headache still lingering... but, it's off to work today. Probably a disaster waiting to happen! LOL

Take care... thanks for stopping by!

(Amy -- I have to find my Earth Threads file to find the chart...)

(Leila -- the Motif TT is done with Caron Watercolours #157 Polar Ice on Ecru)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

some 'finishes'

I've been stitching, but, I can't show you what!!

So, here is a few things I 'finished' into things.

Here is an Earth Threads design, I made it into a pinkeep:

This was a freebie, from I can't remember when or where... made into a pinkeep:

And, this picture is two things I finished for my friend, Daryl: She stitched them, and I made the preface piece from Betsy's class into a pinkeep, and the other into a flatfold.

This was a 2006 SAL from the SanMan Message board. I finally finished it, and found the perfect fabric to make it into a wall hanging. I added a few snowflake buttons also.

That's it! The weather is beautiful, and I have a meeting with my golf league this afternoon.

Happy Stitching....

God Bless you all...