Thursday, March 15, 2007

Camp Stitch-A-Lot!!

Well... here it is time to take off for the annual 'Camp Stitch-A-Lot'! My stitching bag is packed, my name tag is done (such as it is!), and I'm ready for a week-end away! I guess I'll have to pack a suitcase too!

Here is the front of my name tag:

And the back...

I was having a terrible time sewing it together this year... It's a little crooked... oh well, most of the time I'm a little off balance, too! It has a pocket on the back to hold my room key, or whatever.

I only have one fiber and one chart on my 'must purchase' list. But, I am taking my 'wish list' with me! I'm signed up for two classes. I so look forward to this every year!!


Thank you all so much for your generous comments on the Red work exchange. They are much appreciated...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Redwork Exchange Received...

Well, I had never stitched a 'Redwork' piece, but, maybe I would give it a go in the SBEBB Redwork Exchange.

I see on the board that Judith received the exchange I sent.

I found a free pattern on line, and thought it would look great stitched in the one color. I chose a varigated red from DMC, and stitched it on white -- finishing it into a pinkeep.

I also included some goodies in the package: a fat quarter of red/white fabric; a piece of white linen; assorted red and white fibers; note cards and magnets with a red/white theme; and chocolates in a red box!

Judith said she liked everything included! Yeah!! I do tend to stress about the packages I send... Silly, right?

I'll try to see if I can find the site where I got the freebie pattern, and do an edit later....

Edit: here is the link: Freebie It is under the 2006 archives 'Coeur'

Thanks for reading and your comments.... (I'm way behind on blogging, again!)

Photo Hunt - 03-03-07 - Salty

Better late than not at all! This is a picture of our town's 'Salt Barn'. For those who don't live in the frozen north... it holds the salt that they put on the roads to melt the snow and ice. If you can see, it is not very full! They have used a lot of salt over the winter.... as most of the roads and cars have a lovely 'white' coating most days.

I think I've gotten my son interested in this Photo Scavenger Hunt also....

Until the weekend....