Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Exchange Received

Hi all....

I've been missing in action! (I work in retail -- enough said for this time of year!)

Cathy received the 'Winter Blast' exchange I sent for the USEBB. So, I can show you all what I sent:

I picked a design from Bent Creek, and made it into a flat fold.

On the back of the flat fold, I put a crocheted snowflake I had gotten at a craft show.

Here is a picture of the goodies included. This was fun to put together a 'snowflake' exchange.

I also received the Winter Blast from Julianne! I love it!! It is a darling stand-up fold....

But, it gets better... inside is a needle book!

And, here is the whole goodie package!!

I started the darling little chart last night! I'm done knitting scarves for awhile!! (I think the end total was 24!) Here is a picture of the twelve gift bags ready to take to work:

I had forgotten to take pictures of the other two exchanges... the pinkeep, and ornament. I snagged the pictures of the pinkeep from Jo's blog, (with her permission), but, don't have ones of my ornament I sent to Nancy.

Here is the pinkeep and exchange:

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!!

Thanks for looking... and your comments! I appreciate them!