Friday, September 29, 2006

Overwhelmed Again!

I might have posted that I've been a little down this month. Well, let me tell you -- the end of the month has brought awesome items in the mail!

First a lovely surprise from Leila, and today I received this wonderful pin keep from Becky! I am just overwhelmed!

Aren't blogging friends just the best!?! I have been treated twice this month by two very dear friends. I truly treasure the friendships I have made since I started this blog.

(I feel like Garth from SNL -- "I am not worthy!")

On another note -- Leila and I are planning to stitch the Red Desert Scissor Pocket starting on about October 10-11th. I'm looking forward to this! Anyone else joining us?

Homecoming Game at the High School tonight! (Hope the rain holds off!) DeWitt is 5-0 for the season! Go Panthers!! (Yeah -- more black cats! LOL)

Stitching along on my Fall Quaker Exchange -- can't tell or show you -- it's a secret!! I've decided I didn't really care for my Autumn Exchange, and have picked out two other charts to try. I'm sure one of them will be perfect! (or I will have three to pick from!)

Off to bundle up for the Homecoming Parade and Football game!! I'm thinking we will pick up Subway sandwiches for dinner tonight...

Thanks for reading and all your comments! I appreciate every one!

Stitching on today: Secret Exchange Stuff!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Gadgets

No stitching pictures... I am working on the secret exchanges!!

I wanted to show a picture of the new gadgets that DH got me for my new quilting adventure! Pretty neat, huh?

And for the curious... Here is a picture my dear daughter took of me lazing on the couch with Scout. (and yes... I have black kitties on my pajama pants! LOL)

Hope everyone has a terrific day! It has decided to be gloomy again here... But, work beckons, and I must go...

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Stitching on today: Shhh--- can't tell -- they are secret exchanges!!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I was RAK'd!!!

I've been having a 'down' kind of month. Just stressful, and gloomy. Well -- I received a great package to brighten my month and my mood!! Leila, (Stitches of Life), surprised me with a treat! Check out the great chart she sent me, and it came with the fibers!!

She also included a kitty post-it note tablet! Now, as I had asked her, how did she know I was a post-it note junkie!! LOL

Thank you so much! Your friendship and kindness overwhelms me!!


No stitching pictures to show -- I've been working on exchanges. Eventually I can show them, but, not yet!

I did make a run to Hobby Lobby today, to pick up a few DMC fibers. Got to see my son's girlfriend, as she works there. :-) Also picked up a few odds and ends -- only went over my planned spending by $.15!! Yuppers, that is fifteen cents!! I guess I didn't figure the tax correctly. :-)

Off to stitch-- and it's a beautiful autumn day in Wonderland! LOL

Thanks for reading, and for your comments. :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I must have lost my mind!

Like I need to learn to do something else? My neighbor and her sister took me to the Quilting store last night. Yes, I am going to attempt to learn to quilt! (Or at least to make the squares/blocks. I picked up this book to help me out, and here is my first 'kit' to make up! I picked out the 'scrappy' colors.

Now, to make a run to Joanns for a rotary cutter, and cutting board. (They tell me I need those!)

Off to do housework.... Maybe I can find some stitching time in there! I've put aside QG to get my exchanges all stitched up!

Thanks for all your comments, and for all who read my ramblings...

Monday, September 11, 2006

Anniversary Stitching

I stitched a little something for my husband for our Anniversary. It was the Bent Creek Wedding Row.

Chuck also brought home a bouquet of flowers with a little bear! :-) We spent the day shopping at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's, with lunch at Fazoli's. Then later on in the day we went to Michael's and Red Lobster! A very nice day!!

And, while I was trying to get a picture... baby Scout wanted to see what I was doing!

On another note, Becca goes in for her first day at her new job!! She is going to be working at Meijer -- I don't know what they call them exactly anymore -- they used to be baggers, but, maybe service workers? cart pushers? Anyway -- tonight she goes in to get her 'shirts', tour the store, and all that. I told her don't be surprised if someone calls her 'little Myrna'! (she looks a lot like her mom!) I'll be taking a book, or some stitching while I wait in the parking lot.

I played this morning in my 'craft room' -- re-arranging drawers, and putting stuff in better order. Now I am off to stitch on my Quaker Garden!!!

Thanks for all the comments! I truly appreciate every one of them!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Scissor Fob Exchange!!

I participated in the Specific Finish Exchange on the USEBB. The first exchange was a scissor fob. Nancy sent me the most incredible fob!! It is a Drawn Thread design done on 40 ct.!! Isn't it beautiful? I love the beads she added on the bottom!! Nancy also included a beautiful piece of linen and three Six Strand Sweet fibers!! I feel truly spoiled! Thank you Nancy!!

Fob Front:

Fob Back:

The entire goodie package!

And, Nancy has also received the package I sent her! How cool is that -- we had each other's names and didn't even know it! I sent Nancy a 'pink' package! I got the design from the Ellen Maurer-Stroh board, and stitched the freebie scissor keeper with a pink (DMC 3609), on 32ct. Belfast opalescent White. I made the cording (my first time!) and attached a cool tassel that I got at Hobby Lobby -- which is why it was pink!

Here is the fob front:

And the back where I put our initials and the year:

And the 'pink' stuff I sent with it! I love putting these together, and hope Nancy liked it. Half of the fun for me is the package!

I guess that's it for now! I signed up for the Thanksgiving Exchange on the USEBB! I was looking thru my stash, and found the cutest design... And now I have an excellent reason to stitch it!

Stitching on today: Quaker Garden!!