Monday, March 31, 2008

It's Monday....

Oh, there were so many things to do today -- the most important was to stay home and stitch all day! It didn't happen!!

The phone rings at about 9:30ish. My Mom has a Dr. appointment at 10:30, and says she is feeling a little dizzy, and doesn't think she should drive, and would I please take her. Sure.... rush to get cleaned up and dressed and over there by 10 to leave for her appointment. Dang... it's raining! I hate driving in the rain. Mom's a chatterbox. Do you hear that beeping chime. ACK!!!! It's the 'Low Fuel' light thingee.... No way can I stop on the way there. I wonder how much gas is in the tank when that thing comes on? Get to the Dr.'s. She's there maybe 20 minutes!!! Okay, we head back home. It starts to pour. I don't just mean raining... I can't even see the lines on the road! And, I have to get gas! Pull into the first station -- $3.29 a gallon -- okay. I'll just put in $10.00 to get me home. It is thundering, and I see lightning... and here I am holding on to the metal gas pump! Done with that, back on the road, and finally back on the highway. The van is hydroplaning on the highway!!! I tell Mom I would rather drive in a blizzard than in rain, oh, and was there anywhere else she wanted to go while we were out? No, she just wanted to go home. Got her home, and then by the time I got home -- it wasn't raining!

It's not even noon yet -- maybe I can salvage the rest of the day!!! Then I remember I had told Chuck I would make spaghetti for dinner. Okay, I can get the sauce started later. :-)

I was able to sit and stitch for a couple hours!!! I finished a little project I was working on, and started another little bit to go with it! Tomorrow is going to be a 'finishing' day! Even if it's still raining, it won't matter! Son Rick went to Hobby Lobby for me, and got an Eyelet Kit, and a wooden box. Okay, I asked for a square box, and he got a rectangle one. I'll keep the one, because it is just cool, but, he said he would look for a square one, as I showed him what I wanted to put on it. It's pretty neat that I can send him for stuff like that. (His mother has trained him well!!)

I finished LHN Rose Sampler on Saturday, but, haven't pressed it yet, or thought of a way to 'finish' it. That is what I picked for the SAL on the LHN Yahoo group. I was thinking of a needleroll, but, I didn't give myself enough fabric on the ends, so maybe a flat fold. I have the Sunflower one I want to stitch up also. :-)

Amy has received her Seasonal Winter Exchange, so I can share pictures of that! I made a needleroll, and included some other items with the same snowflake design.

M Designs
Reindeer Needle Roll
28ct. Christmas Red Linen w/DMC fibers

She said she liked all the stuffs! This was a fun one to put together. I have one more Season to stitch for Amy. I'm thinking pink owls for Spring! LOL (Just kidding!) I have already started the Spring one.... I have really enjoyed this Seasonal Exchange.

And, I also sent out a few packages to some blogging/Internet/exchange friends. (I hope I can call them friends). They have been very understanding this past year of things I have been going through, and I just wanted to send a little 'thank you for being my friend' giftee. I stitched up a fob, and knitted dishcloths, and got the marking pins from my sister, Reee. (she makes them). They seem to have been well received. :-) Thank you, my friends...
(I had little notes to go with them, and after getting home from the post office, noticed them on the table... Please know they are sent with thoughts from my heart.)

For Becky:

For Vonna:
For Cathy B:
For Leila:
For Sharon:
For Carol S:
For Jenna:

I wanted to post pictures of my progress on a few things, but, the sun hasn't been shining. Maybe I will turn all the lights on in my craft room tomorrow and try to take pictures anyway. I don't mean to blow my own horn, but, did I tell you all I knitted a vest? Well, I did, and I finished it! I love it, and even my sister, Reee, the knitter extra-ordinary, was impressed! I promise to get pictures soon!

I think that's enough for now.... I'm going to make promise to myself to try to blog regular, and keep up on my blog reading! Oh, and keep track of my stitching better! LOL

Thanks for reading, and all your wonderful comments! I appreciate you all...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Exchanges Received & Camp Stitchalot

Hi All...

I received two wonderful exchanges! One was the Tea Time Exchange from Judith... She made this awesome Tea Box, and included a box of fruit teas! I love it, and had to keep an eye on this as my sister also thought it was very cool!

And, I received the Winter Exchange from Carol S.! Isn't this fob just the most darling! She also spoiled me with lots of goodies and sugar free chocolate! (they are not in the picture -- Gone!) I took my new fob and scissors to Stitch Camp and showed it off to everyone! (And ate the chocolates!)

And.... I went to Camp Stitchalot in Davison, MI. This is sooo much fun! I stitched up my nametag, (note the three black cats on mine!) and ones for my friends Daryl and Cathy, and then my sister Ree, who designed the nametag, said she hadn't gotten hers done, so, I stitched one up for her too! I finished them into pockets with cording, that hangs around the neck.

Camp is put on by Deb of Stitches 'N Things, and I think this is the eighth year I have gone. It is really like a reunion for a group of us that go every year. We email all year, but, it sure is great to see my 'Stitchy Sisters' for real hugs once a year! Here is a picture of our Stitchy Sister group... with the exception of five, I think, that weren't able to be there this year or missed the picture.

I took a class with Betsy Stinner. She is just the sweetest lady! The class this year was Amish Basket Stitching Smalls, and even included the little basket! (This is not my set... it is the picture on the chart.)

Bets always has such an interesting talk during the class, and this year was no exception!

Other than getting some stitching done, there was a lot of laughter and chatter!

Me and Betsy (she was leaving to head home... I think Reee took this picture.)

Me and my big sister, Reee:

I sent out a mess of packages on Tuesday, so am just waiting for them to arrive, so I can post pictures of them. I hope they are well received....

Until later... Here's hoping that Spring arrives soon!!! (It's snowing, again!!)

Thanks for reading, and your comments... they are much appreciated!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SBQ - 2/26/08

What is your cross stitch weakness? (i.e., What do you have to have
when you see it, even if you are supposed to be on the Wagon?)

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So many to choose from!!! I am a fabric junkie -- but, I think it would be anything with an alphabet. I have a definite weakness for those samplers, but, then again, it might be 'smalls' (i.e. scissor pockets, fobs, cushions).