Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wintery Exchanges!

I received the most awesome exchange from Sharon! What a thrill to have the 'mail lady' knocking on my front door with a package from Florida! She stitched the most beautiful snowflake, and it is residing on the piano, for all to see... *she sent the awesome stand too!

And, if that wasn't enough... she spoiled me rotten, with all kinds of goodies wrapped in the box! Two charts off my wish list... the needle minder... a huge handful of Crescent Colors... cute mitten socks... and Altoids!

Sharon... I love everything! Thank you sooo much!! (I am not worthy!)

And, I sent off a wintery package to Florida. I sooo wanted to send Sharon snow... but, DH was sure it would melt on the way there. I stitched up Bent Creek "Signs of Winter" for the post stand, and a little winter fob freebie from Trail Creek Farm.

I also was able to pack a few winter type goodies in the box.

Thanks for stopping by... stay warm... and Happy Stitching!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's a new year...

I want to wish everyone that stops by a very Happy New Year! I know it's the 12th of January, but, boy... what a couple of weeks we have had here!

We have snow... lot's of snow!

DH Chuck got the lovely holiday gift of the flu on Christmas Eve. That meant canceling all plans for Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day! By the day after Christmas, he wasn't getting any better. Ran him into emergency, they put him in the hospital!! He was very dehydrated. Anyway... got him home two days later. They had pumped him so full of fluids his hands and feet had swelled. They didn't notice that his toes had split. (he is diabetic). Needless to say... he got an infection, didn't even know it, because he has minimal feeling in his feet. Let's just say... it is bad. They have taken x-rays to see how far the infection spread, and he is on heavy antibiotics, creams for the infection, and he is home with me. I have no idea when he will be able to go back to work. We go back to the doctor on Thursday.

I have been stitching some, and cleaned up the craft room a little. I got a beautiful, wonderful package from Sharon, and have taken pictures, and will share soon.

I hope to be better about posting this year....

Thank you all for stopping by!