Thursday, October 26, 2006

quick update

Hi all.... I haven't fallen into the rabbit hole, but, I do feel like it! I've been getting a little stitching done, some sewing, and also some finishing of exchange projects! I have to remember to take pictures before I mail them out! I realized at about nine last night that it was Wednesday, and I should have been stitching on my Red Desert Pocket!! I think I'll do that tonight. I have to work today, and then when I get home, I'll package up my exchanges to mail, and sit and stitch! (Oh yeah... and do laundry too... it's never ending!)

Till later my friends... thanks for reading and commenting!


Terri said...

You can stitch *with* me tonight :) I was too tired yesterday when I got home from work and didn't even *look* at my stitching. I'm working on my scissor pocket tonight.

Lelia said...

Hi GF:

I have the stitching nearly done -- I have a couple more eyelets to finish.

Both Melissa & Cathy have all the stitching completed.

I'll post a snap later this afternoon.

Cathy said...

As I told Lelia, I didn't stitch on mine this week - wanted to give the rest of you a chance to catch up. The truth is, I didn't have time to work on mine! LOL! Looking forward to your progress report!

Von said...

Laundry and dishes!! Even when it looks like you're caught up, somewhere in the house is a dirty dish or stinky sock that's bound to show up, lol! Oh well. Someday when the kids are gone I might be able to keep up. :D