Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The best laid plans....

Of course... the weekend just didn't work out the way "I" had planned it out!

I did get a great picture for the Photo Hunt. (Thanks everyone for your comments on that!)

I had informed everyone in the house that it was the Christmas Ornament SAL this weekend, and I would be plopped in my chair stitching!! Did it happen?? NO! I didn't even put stitching needle to stitching fabric until Monday!! And, why is she emphasizing "stitching" needle and fabric?? Because I did put needle and thread to fabric!! Just not in the way I had envisioned!

DD Becca informed me on Friday that she wanted to go to the Winterfest dance on Saturday. Of course, our stipulation was only if you are feeling much better!! (She has been having this 'bug-sinus' thing going on.) Well... as you can imagine, she felt much better on Saturday. When I got home from work, she informed me that she had nothing to wear to the dance. Would I please finish the dress I had started last year, and didn't finish when she didn't go? WHAT? Well... she's my little girl, what could I do? Yes, I finished the dress. All the hand sewing needed to be finished... tacking of the lining around the zipper, tacking the facing down, adding a hook and eye to the top of the zipper, adding the button, and hemming the lining and the dress! All of it was hand stitching, except I did hem the lining on the machine. Here is a picture of my DD in her 'Winterfest' dress:

I'm whipped by this time... so, no stitching on Saturday!

Sunday... Okay... I can stitch the afternoon away on an ornament! Nope... DD's friend needs her formal (for the Women's Ensemble) shortened for the HS Choir Concert on Wednesday -- Fine... I shorten the formal. Not too bad, it's a knit, and I can just mark it, and hem it on the machine.

Son and girlfriend come over after dinner. They have had their picture taken together, and did I want any? Of course!!! When they left, I just decided I would not even try to stitch! I would be sure to mess it up!

I did get my stitching in yesterday... even if DH did take the day off, and we seemed to be running all day! I was able to get my stitching in on the LK 12 Blessings of Christmas. Here is where I am at as of Monday night:

I also managed to 'finish' the LHN Peaches. Here are some photos of the front, and back...

I guess that's it for today... I'm going to work on an ornament... and some exchange pieces, and whatever else I feel like!

Thanks for reading and your comments...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Photo Hunters 02-24-07

The word for the hunt this week is "Soft".

This is an afghan I made last fall, and it is so soft and cuddly! It was made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn, and I usually had a cat laying on it while knitting! It is just what is needed for this weekend, as we have a winter storm warning in effect. The cat in the picture is our baby, Scout. As you can see.... the felt catnip pouch has found it's way onto the afghan. Scout is another softy, and a cuddler. He is still having the effects of ultra soft fur from his escapade of jumping into the tub! (and sooo shiny too!)

Thanks for reading, and your comments. :-)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Photo Hunters

I decided to play....

The word for this last week is "Antique":

Cross Stitch Sampler dated 1836 -- it's been in my family all these years!
(I was destined to be a stitcher!)

Edit: This was stitched by an ancestor, Suzy Miller, from Pittsburg, PA. The story that goes along with it, is that the hired girl had taken the sampler, and attempted to take out Suzy's name. She was going to replace it with her own name, and say that she had stitched it.

The over one stitching is incredible! The saying in the middle is as follows:

Fame like a shadow flies away
Titles and dignities decay
Nothing but friendship can display
Joys that are free from trouble.

On a sad note... it was deteriorating badly. I took it to the LNS, and had it reframed with acid free materials. The fibers are very fragile. The framer had told me it was glued to a piece of wood! Hopefully the new framing will keep it safe for a few more generations...

If I can do this... at least I will make a post once a week!

Is it Spring yet?

And, here I was silly enough to think Spring might be on it's way! No... it was a windy, chilly, 13 degrees F. when I went to work this morning at 4:30!! It's a bit warmer now, but, not at all like the last couple of days in the 40's! Who knows what the weekend will bring...

I stitched Wednesday on my LHN Home of a Needleworker. (sorry... I didn't press it before I took the picture.) I worked some more on the house, and also charted out my name to stitch on there next week.

Becca continues to suffer with a nasty sinus/head cold thingee. But, we sat at the dining room table last night, and she and I made up this cool fob for a pair of my little scissors! I think it turned out pretty dang cool!

I've been stitching on some exchanges... and this weekend will try to get an ornament stitched up in the Ornament SAL. And, maybe do some finishing! I have my needleroll from earlier this month to put together, and the box finish, and some exchange finishing. :-) Busy, busy... Too bad the husband and kid think they need clean clothes, and food, otherwise I could just sit and stitch away! Oh... and the cats think they should have all my attention! (Shadow loves to sleep in my stitching rocker, and when I go near there, he puts his little face into the back of the chair. I think it's "If I can't see you, you won't make me move!" kind of a thing.)

I also picked up "The Thirteenth Tale" at the library this afternoon. It's on a 7-day loan, so I'll also get started on that if I can get a chance.

Not much else... Everyone have a great weekend!!

Thanks for reading, and your comments...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stitching away...

Between errands, work, and sick kid.... I manage to get a little stitching in!

Here is where I am at on the Lizzie Kate '12 Blessings of Christmas'. I have decided Monday is my day to stitch on this...

And, my LHN 'Home of a Needleworker. I changed the house color to match my house. :-) I think we picked Wednesday for this one...

And, a finish -- sort of. LHN 'Peaches' is stitched, but, not yet made into the 'box' thingee. (Thanks Cathy -- this was fun to stitch!) I think I found the perfect fabric for the back, and ribbon to match!

This past weekend was the Stitch-A-Thon at the FGBB. I worked on a UFO/WIP, and made some progress. It is the Pink project from #%*@!! (Really, it is the Provence Sampler from Butternut Road, but, my sister wanted it in pink). I really don't know why this is taking me YEARS to complete....

I signed up for a Flickr account, to post photos. Now, I can't seem to log in! And, Yuku is frustrating me to no end... Ah, computers... gotta love 'em!!

That's it for today... Oh... I also sent a swap envelope off to Nicki, and a package to my sister Ree...

Thanks for reading, and your comments!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


In a rare apperance.... All three cats at once! From left to right: CeeCee, Scout, and Shadow.

The indentations on the back of the cushions are from the cats sleeping up there! I think they were waiting for somebody to go upstairs to bed!

And... a funny cat story. Sunday morning, I get a call at work from DD Becca. She tells me she had taken a bath -- okay, well she usually takes showers, so what's the big deal? Well -- Scout (or as we call him, Crack Baby or Cocaine Kitty -- he's a little high strung), tends to jump in the tub when Becca, or anyone for that matter, gets out of the shower. Scout jumps into the tub.... Yikes! it's full of water! Becca screaming... Scout jumps out... DH Chuck runs to see what is the matter... 'No Dad! You can't come in!' Throws a towel out to him, so he can attempt to dry off what Chuck says looked like a little black rat. I'm almost sorry I missed the whole thing! Poor baby! But, his fur is soooo nice and soft! And, did this stop him from jumping in the tub... no, but, he does look in there first... I guess he can learn!

Stitching on today: LHN "Peaches"

Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine Exchanges!

I participated in the SBEBB Valentine Exchange. I had received Katrina's name to send to! As I had read she stitches needlerolls... I took it upon myself to stitch her a needleroll for this exchange. I picked Mosey N' Me's "Stitchers Heart" which was a freebie, and modified it to fit a needleroll. It was quite fun to stitch!

I also included a few goodies in the package....

And... I was thrilled to open the mailbox and see a beautiful, rose covered envelope.... from Finland!! Outi had my name in this exchange, and sent the most awesome gifts! I opened the package to find a beautiful stitching pocket...

She had mentioned in the note that she hoped my scissors would fit in it. I was a little confused... the pocket is pretty good size. The confusion was quickly cleared, when I opened the pocket to find more fantastic goodies!! Inside was a scissor pocket and a needle case! I'm feeling truly spoiled! I have a little pair of red scissors that will fit perfect!

And... not only did I get this beautiful stitching set... Outi included a chart from my 'wishing list', and two wooden hearts! (they are hanging in my dining room window!) Thank you, Outi!


I have signed up for a few more exchanges... I love trying to figure out the perfect thing for my 'secret partners'. I know it's a 'hit or miss' kind of thing... but, hopefully I hit it right more times than I miss! LOL


Thanks for reading and your comments... they are much appreciated!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pictures, and more!

I am not MIA! Don't send out the troops looking for me! --It's cold here, and I've been staying inside and stitching away. Some pictures I can show, and others... not!

Exchange received!

Check out this awesome exchange I received from Marie in the 'From the Heart' Exchange on the USEBB! The design is from 'Birds of a Feather', and Marie made this great needle/scissor/thread book! She also included some great goodies!! I love it all.... Thank you so much, Marie!

And, Heather received the package I sent out for the same exchange. She said she liked everything that was included. The design is called 'Hearts and Flowers' from Mosey N' Me, (a freebie!). I attached the stitching to a little pillow, and included some extras in the package.


And I joined the SAL for the Christmas ornaments the last weekend in January. I stitched the Britty Christmas Kitty from a JCS Ornament issue, on a white 28ct. linen, over one! It's a bad picture.... but, I'm going to put them all together and do finishing on the ornaments when I get a few more done, so, that should be a better picture then.

Here is a finish!!! This is JBW Christmas Motif II (I think).

And a few WIP pictures....

I have been working on the SanMan Originals SAL 'Let It Snow'. I think everyone but me is done, but, that's okay... we still have snow, and it's still coming down!

Here is my progress so far on the DT Gameboard Sampler. I'm working to keep up with the two squares a week! I love stitching on this one!

And, here is my LHN 'Home of a Needleworker'. I'm changing the color of the house, to DMC 932.... no big surprise to anyone there!

I have a few more finishes... can't share them, yet! and am working on a few more. I pulled an Earth Threads chart out to start, so that with every stitch, an extra little prayer will be said for my friend, Betsy.

I've also got my list for my PIF! So... someday.... something might show up in someone's mailbox! Don't hold your breath tho.... I gave myself a year to get these done! LOL


And, finally, for today... some pictures of my work on my quilt squares:


Thank you all for reading, and your comments. It means a lot to me!

Please continue to keep Betsy (Earth Threads), in your thoughts and prayers!

Till later, my friends.... Stay warm and keep stitchin'!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sad News -- Your Prayers/Good Thoughts Needed!

I have some sad news to share... One of my favorite designers, and dear friend, Betsy Stinner of Earth Threads, has had a set back. Here is the info, as posted on Deb's website.

I do have some extremely SAD news to impart.

Betsy Stinner of Earth Threads will NOT be coming to, nor teaching at Camp this year.

As most of you know, it's been quite a few years since Betsy was diagnosed with Cancer. When 'IT' was first detected, she was already at Stage 4 with lymphoma, and was given less than a 30% chance of survival. And, she beat 'IT'!! The doctors were totally amazed! But, Betsy and I both know it was due to your (and those of others) prayers and thoughts (and the restorative waters of Camp Stitchalot).
However ... while each 6-month checkup has shown her to be totally cancer free, she called me on Tuesday January 30th with the news that the Cancer has returned ... and is everywhere in her body once again. She will be starting on a very aggressive form of chemotherapy that also includes the harvesting and re-transplanting of her stem cells, and the doctor has forbidden her to travel. This time she has a 60% chance and we know she'll beat "IT" again!!!

Our little group stitched her designs, and said a prayer with each stitch, and complied them into a quilt for Betsy. I know she can beat this again, wrapped in the love of that quilt, and the prayers and good wishes of fellow stitchers! Dig out your Earth Thread designs, stitch them up, and please say a prayer for Betts with each stitch...

Thank you all sooo much!!!