Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kitties help to stitch....

I didn't know I needed help holding the chart for my current project!  But, as you can see from the upper left corner.... I have kitty chew marks!!! (they are not 'fessing up, but, I have a pretty good idea who's teeth marks those are!)  Now when I am not stitching, the chart gets hidden! 

This is a new type of project for me.  It is needlepoint and is 'Hearts and Flowers Quilt' from Nancy's Needle.  I am doing it in beige, pink, and sage colors.  It is the perfect project for stitching while watching the Masters on TV!

And, here is a picture of my adorable Ruthie!!!  She is such a little giggle bug!!!  Grandchildren are fun!  She has two little teeth hiding in there... but, doesn't show them.

Got the news yesterday at the doctors,  that I get to go back to work on the 17th, with restrictions.   Work is happy -- me?  not so much!!   Guess I'll be stitching my little heart out for the next ten days!!!  Wonder if I can get anything finished...

Happy Spring (it should show up eventually!) & Happy Stitching!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment -- it is much appreciated!!!

Monday, April 04, 2011

It's Daffodil Time!

Another finish to my list....  I finished up the Dutch Treat Designs "Daffodil Tabletopper" last night!  I don't think spring is ever going to show up in Michigan... it just teases us, but, I now have spring on my table!  (the flowers are not real, as the kitties would be up there if they were!)

Dutch Treat Designs "Daffodil Tabletopper"
White Anne Cloth
Suggested DMC Perle Fibers
 (changed center of flowers)

So... what to stitch now?   I think I am going to try the needlepoint project I purchased while at Camp....  Something new on this rainy, gloomy day.

Stitch Happy!!!

Myrna  :-)

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Another update of stitching....

I've been stitching.... and have another finish!  This is LHN "Brave Hearts" finished on March 23, 2011.  Another UFO done!

And, because I finished a UFO, I stitched Just Nan "Bluebird Alphabet" that I had purchased at Camp!  Stitched with the suggested threads, and finished on March 27, 2011.

Then I was good, and stitched another square on the Seka's & Co. "Quilt Block Afghan".  I have been wondering how I want to do the edging on this afghan.... do I want to do the nun stitch all the way around, or do tassel fringe?  Any ideas?

My grand daughter, Ruthie, and my Mom came over to visit on the same day!  Here are my visitors!

I've been continuing to stitch... working on the DT Daffodil TT.  Physical Therapy is done!  (can we all yell Yahoo?!), and now just waiting on the okay to go back to work.  It will cut into my stitching time....

Until next time... Happy Stitching!

Myrna  :-)