Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Stitching Questions....

I've been goofing off, when I should be stitching (actually just taking a break), and found this site: Memes for Stitchers.

So, here are the questions for today:

Here are a few questions to answer:

1. Do you enjoy backstitching?

2. Do you do it as you go or at the very end?

3. Does the amount of backstitching in a project influence your decision to stitch a pattern?

A-1. It doesn't bother me one way or the other... Sometimes it adds so much to the design. I like seeing how it 'defines' the elements of a design.

A-2. It depends on the design. If it's small, I'll do it at the end. For large projects, I'll do sections, so as not to leave it all to the end.

A-3. Nope. If I like the design, the backstitching is just part of the elements.

Anyone else have any opinions on backstitching?

Thanks for reading and your comments...

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Ann Marie said...

Checking in,and as for the questions no time to answer

Lelia said...

Hi GF: I'm not crazy about BSing; however, there are times when the design needs it & the accent improves the pattern : )

Nicholas is in orientation for the local retirement community - dishwasher/server for evening meals (while school in session) & will have lunch shifts during summer months. Sorry your DD is not able to find anything. Nick has been looking for a month & is thrilled to have this opportunity.

Sharon said...

I don't really like backstitching. I usually wait until the end, unless it is a face that needs defining. I don't like to have the faceless look. The amount of backstitching in a project does not influence me if I really like the pattern.

Joanie said...

I hate backstitching! It makes me nuts. It's the devil's work...yuck. pfft! ACK!!!

If I am forced to backstitch because of the design then I try to do it as I go so I don't feel like I am stitching the project a second time.

Yes, the amount of backstitching influences my choice of design. I stay away from Theresa Wentlzer designs for that very reason. I am stitching The Castle for my DS and it's slow going because of the backstitching, although it does make the dragon come alive. I would rather do confetti stitching than backstitch. sSo can you tell how much I hate backstitching? LOL!!!!