Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tuesday... catching up!

So... what has everyone been up to??

For myself... not much! Sunday was a pretty nice day -- DH cooked steaks on the grill. Son came over for dinner. I received some lovely flowers and a gift card from Joann's!

On the stitching front... I didn't get much stitching in on the DT Sampler Game Board. I hope my other SAL members got some stitching in! Anywho... here is an update photo:

Yesterday, I got quite a bit in on CCN Ladybugs and Bumblebees. Here is an update on that one:

And... the little Freebie I did from Blue Ribbon Designs (Thanks Lili!) "The Alphabet Tree". I stitched this with one of the beautiful fibers I got from Nancy in the Grab Bag Exchange.

Now a stash report! My sister and BIL stopped over on Saturday, and they brought me some goodies!!

In the package was a punch needle design my BIL had made me... a couple of frames, (he makes those for me too!), a darling cat frame, some books, and the cutest card!

I also got my Online Needlework Show order yesterday!! I caught the 'Mail Lady' just as she was about to fold the envelope to get it in the mailbox! Here's the goodies from that one:

I had ordered: Debbie Draper Designs 'Sampler in Blue' and it comes with the Vickie Clayton silks!; Abbely Lane Designs "Sonata'; Lavender Wings 'Tiny Sprouts'; Designs by Lena Rose 'Wildberry Petals Sampler'; Glory Bee 'Happily Ever After'; and Full Circle Designs 'Flame of Friendship'. The only one I want to do right away is the Glory Bee. The others will be impatiently waiting in the wings!

So... just because it's Tuesday -- here is a picture of my new golf bag and clubs! And the sun is trying to come out!!! I was beginning to think we were never going to see the sun again...

And, my rose bush that is growing out of control -- again!

Have you made it this far?? Here is a new blogger's site: Raggedy Ree (aka: my sister). I got her started, now it's up to her to post! I think she'll like it when she gets more comfortable with the set-up.

If you are getting any sunshine -- enjoy!!! I'm thinking I'll be stitchin' on my exchanges the next little bit. I want them done in plenty of time for mailing! And, I'm thinking of joining Anne and Katrina on the next Needleroll SAL the second weekend in June. I have quite a few needlerolls kittied up, so maybe this will motivate me to stitch them! :-)

Stitching on today: ??? can't tell!!


Susimac said...

Wonderful stash - enjoy it all. LB&BB's is coming along a treat, now off to visit your sisters blog.

Sharon said...

Hi Myrna,
Love your choices of charts from the online needlework show. I am still waiting on my order. I plan to start Bent Creek's swirly sampler with a different color scheme than on the pattern. I got the colors from Dani's blog and then changed them again. So, we will see how it turns out. Happy Stitching!

Von said...

Sunshine? We have plenty for ourselves and you too; if only I could send some your way. :) We're actually having quite a heat wave, breaking records. It was 95 degrees today. And we've just had but one day in the 80s so the heat just slammed us. Supposed to be hot all week.

Lili said...

My! You've been spoiled! Happy mother's day, Myrna! I'm late for your country, but here in France, it's only in two weeks...
Your alphabet tree is so lovely with these colours! You make me feel like stitching it again with another overdyed thread... It's a pleasure to stitch it! Glad that mine inspired you so beautifully!
Your ladybugs and bumblebees is also very beautiful!
Oh! And great stash too!

KarenV said...

Great stash! I love your alphabet tree finish - I have that one printed out to stitch too. You're making good progress on your WIPs :)

Nancy in IL said...

OH MY, Myrna! Lovely table with flowers, candle, etc. as centerpiece. Great BIL (what's his phone #, lol), great, yummy stash, and love the freebie! I also love both your WIPs---two I have been admiring for some time. The DT takes a while, I'm sure, but ohhh, so worth it!