Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stitching away...

I've been busy stitching... yuppers, that's right, stitching!! I've finished off Ladybugs and Bumblebees. It's not pressed, so, no picture yet. I've got to measure it and ask my BIL to make a frame for it. I'm thinking it will look great with a 'white-washed' frame.

Other than that... I'm working on my exchanges, and trying to settle into the heat wave we are having! Who would have thought it would be in the 90's already!

Work continues to be a challenge with the remodeling. We moved into our new office the last few days. Nice to know in a month we get to move everything again. The cupboards and counters were damaged, and the new ones will be here in about a month. :::sigh:::

I did manage to take a picture of one of my Iris. This is one my grandmother had given us when we moved into our house 18 years ago. Still blooms beautifully every summer. I love the color on this one.

Hope everyone is getting some stitching time... Thanks for reading and your comments!

Stitching on today: Exchanges :-)


Lili said...

Your grandma's iris is a beautiful flower! Thanks for sharing this treasure!

Lelia said...

Hey myrna: Have you managed any golf games yet? Break in your new clubs?

What a beautiful iris! Looking forward to your pictures of the Ladybugs and Bumblebee sampler ... it is such a cute sampler.

I will be stitching on the game board project after I finish up the family ironing ... chow ... enjoy the week-end : )

Von said...

Aw, Myrna. . . what a beautiful iris! I can't wait to get my back yard landscaping going to I can fill it with wonderful things - like irises. :D