Friday, May 05, 2006

Grab Bag Exchange Received!

OMG!! Yesterday was an awesome mail day! I came home to a beautiful sunny yellow envelope! It was my Grab Bag Exchange from Nancy K.! Inside, wrapped in yellow tissue paper, and tied with a 'real' ribbon, was the following: five 'spring-time' colors of DMC; a package of John James needles; pretty yellow Mill Hill beads; three charms (looks like an angel, cupid, and a fairy); two beautiful over-dyed floss by Sugar Maple; a mini DMC Cyclamen kit; two fat quarters of lovely fabric; two Prairie Schooler Charts: Garden Fairie and Spring Cleaning Fairie; a magazine of 108 quick recipes; and.... a tin of Wintergreen Altoids!!! (How did she know I am addicted to these!?!) Isn't that an amazing package??

And... DD Becca took a new picture of my Flowering Crab Tree. The predicted storm never came, and now it is in full bloom! I can't remember it ever being this pretty!

and... Summer Time Rock & Roll!!
Chuck (DH) and I attend a concert series every summer for seven days. Today they announced the final act... Ted Nugent!!! Here is a link to the festival: Common Ground Festival
Other artists/bands we will be seeing include: Steve Miller Band; Bonnie Raitt; Styx; The Bangles; Ted Nugent!!! (I know... who would have thunk this old cross stitcher was a hippy rocker at heart! LOL)

Have a great weekend, friends...

Thanks for reading and for commenting!

After dinner of Tacos (Happy Cinco de Mayo!) I'll be stitching on: Ladybugs and Bumblebees


Cindy said... did have a great mail day :) And the lineup for the concert series sounds AWESOME! "Uncle Ted" puts on quite an entertaining show.

Lelia said...

Wonderful grab bag : ) Sounds like your week-end was a busy one.

Tori moved back home on Fri - I attended a workshop on Sat - and, on Sunday caught up on everything!! You know how it is...