Thursday, February 02, 2006

SBQ - 02/01/2006

With the exception of your online stitching friends, do you have any other stitching buddies?

I guess my sister, Ree, would be my stitching buddy, and she isn't even that close. I don't have any near by. A group of online stitching friends have become stitching buddies, as we meet every year at Camp Stitch-A-Lot! They have become very good friends, and we chat about all sorts of things, beyond stitching! It would be nice to get together with other stitchers, but, I think I live in a deprived stitching area. I do have a lot of online stitching friends. They tend to keep me motivated.

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Lelia said...

Hey GF! On-line stitchers are the best! I think our stitching stuff is fun to share : )