Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Looking around...

I really should be doing something constructive, but, I've been playing on the 'puter, and looking around, and have created a Stitching Wishes list.


The link is on the right side bar... if you want to see if I could enable any of you!

I don't need more stash... why do they keep coming out with nifty, neato stuff?? And some of the blogs are to blame!

Guess I'll be a good girl now, and go sit with the foot up and stitch. :-)


KarenV said...

You've got some nice charts on your list :) I love Heart of Gold and it's on my own wishlist.

Glad to hear that I was able to enable you with the Quaker Sampler - and no, it doesn't count if you're using threads and fabric from your stash to stitch it ;) Have fun!

Cathy said...

One of these days, I should create a list too. Like you, I really don't need anything, but as you said - they keep coming out with really neat new stuff!

Lili said...

Hi Myrna!
I came to thank you for all the great ideas you gave about keeping a crafts notebook. This is all very organized: I like that! I will sure pick some of your ideas!
I encourage you in trying a whitework project: this is fun to do, and it's always great being able to "master" new techniques: very gratifying...
Your Catch the Wind project is stunning! And unusual! Great!
I'll be back!