Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Stitching

Hi all... Did I mention how I enjoy having your blogs to read? And someone else shares my interests? Well... If I didn't, please know that I do! And I thank you for leaving comments!

I went and had the big Bozo bandage removed. Doctor says it looks good, and will probably do the other one next week! Yikes! Well, I am enjoying the extra stitching time, and being lazy - - - but, Owie!! I never even got out any Valentine's stuff!!

On to stitching stuff! I finished up part one of the Quaker Sampler on Sunday. I'm stitching on 28ct. Antique Ivory Vintage Linen with DMC #930. (I think that's my favorite color.)

I also put in some time yesterday and today on "Blessings be Thine" by Blackbird Designs.

I now have to decide if I want to work on the kit that Chuck got me last week,

the Whitework Freebie, or the pretty heart freebie that I noticed on Von's blog. You all are enabling me!

(Dang... seems like they don't want me to add pictures! I'll try again later.)

***Edit 02-14-06

Was finally able to add the pictures!

I decided to go with the heart freebie. I pulled some 18ct white aida, (the only white I could find! -- I need to find that tub of missing fabric!), and an Olde Willow fiber called Red Rock. (I received the Desert Series - Limited Editions from my sister for Christmas!) so far it's been fun to watch the roses take shape.


Von said...

Hi Myrna! I hate when Blogger doesn't cooperate with me!! Glad you got the huge bandage off.
Glad you have been enjoying all the blogs - I do too! What a great source of encouragement and enabling, as you noted, lol!

Anne said...

The Blessing Be Thine looks very pretty. Show pictures when you can. I love reading blogs tooo. Come visit me sometime. Happy Stitching Anne L

Lelia said...

Rest up ... Looking forward to pictures - I really like the Blackbird design; however, I vote for the heart-theme!!! Happy Valentine's Day.

KarenV said...

Congratulations on finishing part one of the Quaker - I'm still waiting for my extra thread to arrive :(

As it's Valentine's Day - I vote for the heart freebie! Have fun and I hope your toe heals soon.

Cathy said...

Love the piece from Blackbird Designs. That heart freebie is calling to me too!

Tanya said...

Your Part I is lovely!!! Isn't this project fun? Have a great day.