Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday ramblings...

Chuck is driving me bug-crazy!!! I needed two colors of floss... don't know how, as I *thought* I had all the DMC!! (I'm sure they are in a project, somewhere!) Anyway, he says, "I'll drive you". :::sigh::: I know, I am glad he is okay, but, geez.... I would like a little alone time!

I got my packet for camp today!!! WOO HOO!!! Camp Stitch-A-Lot Now, I want to stop what I am stitching and start working on my camp kit! I have some nifty ideas for this year. But, I will be good, and at least put in a full week on Catch the Wind, before working on the camp kit (even tho it wouldn't take too long...). Camp is not until March 17th, but, Ree and I go on a Thursday, and don't come home until Monday! We need this time with the girls!

Catch the Wind -- I have more stitched now, but, don't feel like taking a picture today... It will look better in a few more days. I don't think it will be too much of a stretch to have this done by April. That's my target date, so I can have it framed, and ready by Mother's Day. Myrna, the redhead, is done except for the face, sleeves, and dress ruffle. I am going to start on Ann Marie, the blond, next, and will save Ellen for last! Ha Ha Ha!

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Cathy said...

Camp Stitch A Lot is offered by Stitches N Things, yes? I always thought it sounded like a fun retreat. Do give us a report when you return!