Friday, February 10, 2006


I have figured it out myself.... Now to see if I can post the pictures.

Here is the Irish Blessing, by Ladybug Lane Designs:

These are pictures of my Stitching Notebook...

the cover; the 'what size' page; design sheet; finished design sheet.

And now for your giggling pleasure... my stitching chair, and my Bozo toe...


BeckySC said...

Hello Myrna :)
It's nice to meet you :) Thanks for dropping by my blog :) I appreciate it and I am always thrilled to meet and make new friends :)

Irish Blessing is lovely, congratulations!

Wonderful stitching journal. I have a similar system to record all my stitching details :)

Hope your toe heals quickly :)

Anne said...

Irish blessing is beautiful. Hope your toe gets better soon. Guess you have a real excuse to stop and stitch now. Happy Stitching.
Anne L

Von said...

What a wonderful excuse to increase your stitching time!! As long as it's not too painful :(
Love your stitching journal - it's a great idea. I've tried something similar a couple of times, but lately have been happy to have just kept a list, lol! Enjoyed your Irish blessing too - I've always loved it, and now to see it in fiber is very special. :D

Lelia said...

Your poor toe -- I'm so sorry you have to deal with that .... yet, you do get added 'free' time : 0

Your journal is kewl. I bought a book from the dollar store, which I converted to stitching notes. It is really helpful.

Good to see you figured out the photo stuff.

Cathy said...

Hi Myrna - sorry to see that you have a sore toe. Hope it heals quickly - that is, if you want it to. Sounds like you have a pretty good gig going (lots of stitching time, dinners out, etc. LOL)

Lili said...

Poor toe!
Thanks for sharing your crafts journal, Myrna! It's great!
Take care of this toe!

Bine said...

Irish blessings looks wonderful. I have to keep this in my mind. It would be a great gift for my hubby (he's half Irish)
Hope your toe gets better soon.

AnneS said...

Thanks for sharing your stitching journal (sorry I'm so late in posting, but I'm soooo behind in blog reading ... only about 230 unread posts left LOL) - I do a similar thing except mine is a Word document that I can import a photo into, then I printed the page out and put it in a ringbinder - it's wonderful to have a record of our stitching :) Sorry to hear about your poor toe, too - love the photo LOL ... hope it heals quickly :))