Friday, February 10, 2006

Hoppy Dance and Camera Frustrations!

I am doing a Hoppy Dance (have to do it on one foot, therefore Hoppy!) for finishing my Irish Blessings by Ladybug Lane Designs! It turned out very nice.... But, where is the picture you ask? Still in the camera! For some reason it doesn't want to communicate with the computer today. :::sigh::: I also took some pictures of my Stitching Notebook I use, to show everyone, and my foot with the Bozo toe! I'll have to have my son over this weekend to figure out the camera thingee.

So... did I pull out something that is already started??? NO! I had printed off the first part of the
Quaker Sampler, that KarenV was able to enable me on. We decided if I had the fabric and the floss... and the pattern was a freebie... that it was okay, and didn't effect my effort to not add to the stash! So, I've been stitching on that. I chose a 28ct. Antique Ivory Vintage Linen, stitched with DMC 930. Here at this link, you can see the different variations that stitchers are using.

I also printed out the
Beginning Whitework Ornament from TW Designworks, encouraged by Lili. Now, I have to pick a color of fabric to try it out on...

Chuck took me out for the Fish Fry tonight. I wonder how long I can drag out this not cooking....

I'm off to stitch... Thanks everyone for commenting!

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Nancy in IL said...

Myrna, since you can only hop, I'll Happy Dance for your Irish Blessings Sampler. It turned out beautifully! And such a lovely stitching notebook and a great idea too!