Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Project question

I was reading blogs the other day, and someone mentioned a 'treat bag' for an exchange they were doing. Could someone tell me what that is? My mind pictures like a 'mini tote bag', that you fill with goodies. Is that close?

Thanks for reading, and thanks for all the nice comments...


Lee said...

Yes, you're close! Usually it's the size of a sachet bag, and the treats are small like candy, threads, etc.

The mini tote bags you can buy in craft stores are about the right size, too.

Lelia said...

Your blog looks different. Nice job. I need to update my sidebar BADLY.

Anyhow, I'm not in the exchange. I did make a treat bag which was a Shep Bush design. You can see a photo on the Shep Bush web page.

I'm pulling out my Valentine stitchie stuff on Monday -- and if this old fossil remembers .... I'll take a picture and put it up on my blog. Stay tuned. If DH goes to work today or tomorrow, I may get it out sooner.