Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vacation - Common Ground Festival - Day 2

Day 2...

It rained!!! And then it rained.....

We got wet... very wet. We watched Keb Mo. He was very good, and then it decided to rain harder. We left. The newspaper did not give Bonnie Raitt a good review, so, it sounds like we didn't miss much.

We had our golf umbrellas. Then, security said we couldn't take them in!!! No problem every other year! So, those went back to the car, and we got the little regular ones. It was raining so hard, the rain was coming right thru the umbrella! I was getting cold, so, that's when we decided to leave. No sense in getting sick for the rest of the week.

No stitching... maybe today!

1 comment:

Von said...

How miserable to be so wet! Hope you got a hot shower. :D
Sounds like you're having a great time for the most part!