Sunday, July 16, 2006

Common Ground / Vacation - Day 6

Day 6

We saw Mavis Staples and Etta James last night. Mavis Staples can still belt out a song! And Etta James.... what can I say? What a voice!!! She brought the crowd to their feet with "At Last"!!! (One of the sweetest things... a couple just to the front and side of us... He proposed to her during the song.... it was soooo cute! --She said yes.) This was one concert that could have gone on and on... I was enjoying it that much!

Tonight is Ted Nugent!!!!! I am ready for the Motor City Madman!

On stitching news... I took my tabletopper to work on. I got quite a bit done on one of the neutral squares... Was never questioned on what was in the tote! (Needles -- two pairs of scissors -- metal magnet board.... ) But, dang... they practically emptied out my daughter's bag! I guess I don't look like I would be taking in any contraband, but, Becca does??? (Profiling? because they are teenagers?) I lodged a complaint about how they keep changing the rules and the attendees don't know what to expect.... and, they better get them printed out for next year!!

It's gonna be a hot one today!!!


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Cindy said...

Wow...sounds like an awesome music festival!! Enjoy the Nugent show...he is quite entertaining!!