Saturday, July 15, 2006

Common Ground / Vacation -- Day 5

Day 5...

I am feeling like a lazy bum! Yesterday we all went out to a new place for breakfast... luckily Becca and I decided to split an omelet. It was huge, and we didn't finish it all! Then a little shopping -- I didn't have white sandals -- and back home to loll around until time to leave for the concert.

We saw Keith Anderson and Cheap Trick. Keith Anderson is nice eye candy. Cheap Trick didn't overly impress me. Their set seemed very disorganized. With the gap time between songs they probably only played about an hour. At least they knew where they were.

Tonight we are going to see Etta James. It's going to be very warm out... so, I plan on dressing cool.

I think I'll take my Table topper to stitch on this afternoon.

On other stitching news.... I broke down and ordered the Blackbird Designs Quaker Garden Sampler. It was yelling at me so loud, I needed to hush it up!!

Till later....


Stephanie said...

If you're talking about the Quaker Garden will love it! It's hard to put down once you start. :-)

Cathy said...

You're going to love the Quaker Garden from Blackbird. Check out the updated photo on my blog!

Lelia said...

Yeah, isn't that Quaker Garden sampler awesome??? So many are in Karen's SAL -- I'm loving the progress photos.

Which tabletopper are you working on? Or did you mention which one & I missed it? I have a couple in the closet -- springtime floral & buzz my grapes