Monday, July 17, 2006

Common Ground / Vacation - Day 7

Day 7...

Well... the concerts are over. They always seem to save the best to the last! Ted Nugent was AWESOME!! I think I stood up for the whole two hours! It was great Rock 'N Roll!!
(And yes... I called Ree twice, again!)

My listing for this year....
1. Ted Nugent
2. Styx
3. Steve Miller Band
4. Etta James
5. Keb Mo
6. Cheap Trick

And, Becca got me a little bear at the festival... We named her Lucy, in honor of the Common Ground Logo Girl....

And... today we got a new addition.... to add to CeeCee and Shadow. He does not have a name yet... any suggestions? Rick says I am now the 'Cat Lady'.

Not much stitching done yesterday.... too dang hot!!! Looks like storms coming tonight. Maybe tomorrow - last day of vacation - will be a nice quiet day...


Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Kitty name : Hitam (prounounce he-thumb) it means black in Malay. I used to name my cats in easy to remember.

Lelia said...

oh how sweet!! your new kittie is precious. Maybe lucky? or something like that?

Glad you enjoyed all the music. Styx was one of my favorites. I saw Ted Nugent once in Chicago - it was an outdoor concert at Soldier Field. He is an energetic entertainer , quite the rock-n-roller