Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tangled in Yarn!!

Well... the laundry is done! (at least for a day) So, in between loads, I watched 'The Never-Ending Story' and decided to knit! I had forgotten how relaxing knitting can be. :-)

I started (and finished!) two scarves yesterday! The blue one (Homespun Williamsburg and Fun Fur Lava) is for DD's friend Britiany. The pink one (Homespun Metropolis and Fun Fur Hot Pink) for DD Becca. Knit on no. 17 needles from a free pattern at the Lion Brand site. :-) And, they like them!!

It's back to work today -- I took an extra day off this week. Guess I better get ready to face the day. :-) Thanks for reading, and writing comments. I appreciate every one!

Stitching on today: I have no idea!


Vonna said...

Boy two in one day! They look great! My DD would be envious if she could see them!

Anonymous said...

Hi GF:

Multitalented Myrna, that is your new nickname. Quilting, Knitting, and needlework. Awesome.

And yes, you can steal any idea you find on my blog! I used every part of that linen you sent to me. There is a small piece of cotton material left (like 3" x 3"), so you sent enough of everything. It has been so much fun to work on.

I planned the fob all along - b/c when the stitchie pals get together, all the scissors look alike. Fobs help with the identification. The needlebook was an after thought. I had a narrow piece left that was just right for the swirly motif.

Enjoy the day, TGIF - enjoy your week-end.

stitchwitched said...

The scarves look great ... Isn't it wonderful when gift recipients approve? Keep up the good work.

stitcherw said...

You flew on those, they turned out lovely. I don't knit often, but when I do I enjoy scarfs that are straight knitting as it really is relaxing. I finished one a bit ago for my daughter, just want to put some fringe on the bottom of it for her still.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous scarves and your quilt squares look fabulous. You have been busy!