Saturday, November 11, 2006

S is for Saturday?

Saw this on Jenn's blog, and told her I wanted to play too! She assigned me the letter 'S'.

Here's the 'blurb' and my list:

Comment to this message and I will assign you a letter of the alphabet. Then go to your journal and post a list of 10 words that begin with this letter and what they mean to you.

  1. Sisters -- I have the absolute best real one... and great 'Stitchy Sisters'!
  2. Spouse -- yeah... he's pretty wonderful.
  3. Son and his sibling -- (two for one) my kids... Rick and Becca :-)
  4. Stitching -- self explanatory... but, counted cross stitching mostly!
  5. Sewing -- just getting back into this... love making the quilt squares. Will see if I ever make a quilt!
  6. Silly -- have been known to do this and embarress my children.
  7. Soup -- I love home made potato soup on chilly days.
  8. S-cats -- this one's a bit of a stretch... my cats mostly have had 'S' names. (Sparkle, Spooky, Salem, CeeCee (sounds like an S - and was changed from Siete), Shadow and Scout.
  9. Scarves -- having a knitting frenzy with scarves right now. Fun and mindless to knit. Next up is to try an afghan.
  10. Silence -- quiet days off. I don't turn the radio or television on the days I am home alone. I enjoy the silence, or just the sounds of quiet. (It's very noisy where I work.)
This was pretty fun! If you want to play... just leave a comment, and I'll assign you a letter too!


bunnyhead said...

I just wanted to say how adorable your gift to Cathy was! What great finishing!

Meari said...

Oh, I want to play!!