Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And the word today is.....


Hi! It's been a bit since I posted, so... You get lots of news! I feel truly blessed by the friends I have made in the stitching world!


I received the Ornament Exchange from Vonna on the USEBB, and was totally blown away by the beautiful ornament and package! Check this out!!

The front...

The back...

The package!!!

The blue on the house in the ornament is the same color as our house! This is definitely going on our main tree in the living room!! I love it!! Thank you so much, Vonna!!


And... I received the Pinkeep Exchange from Cathy on the USEBB. I have got to tell you all... I get very excited when I see a package with a return address from Cathy. Her work is just AWESOME!! Check out this whimsical pinkeep she made... Don't you just love it? It will brighten my day every time I look up and see it!! Thank you, Cathy!

And the back...

And the package...


Cathy also included a birthday giftee for me!!! I think she knows me well! A book, a chart, and chocolate!!! Thanks so much!!


I also received a little package from my LNS! I had donated to Deb's challenge to raise money for Alzheimer's and, she sent me a little giftee!! (I had also donated last month to her Breast Cancer Research challenge, and she sent me an assortment of pink fibers!) So... I have not 'purchased' any new stash, but, have received much to keep me busy!


Also... When I went to pick up my new Buck-A-Block quilt blocks on Monday, I spent time looking at the beautiful fabrics at Country Stitches, and picked out three to work on a quilt for me! I 'needed' to use that gift certificate that my mom had given me!! No pictures of the material... I'll wait to show that off later, when I get a square made up. :-)


Oh... And here is a picture of my silly son's Jeep! He decided to decorate for the Holiday Season!


I made potato soup last night.... I love potato soup! There was only the three of us at home, but, we managed to consume the whole pot of soup!! Some times it's better than others, and last night was a particularly good night! LOL


Thanks for reading and your comments!


Current Stitch: some WIP/UFO or something new!
Current Knit: Black/Grey scarf
Current Read: Dark Paradise by Tami Hoag


Carol said...

What fantastic gifts! I saw them in Vonna's and Cathy's blogs too - just love them, they both did such fantastic work!

I adore the Jeep! I am always tickled to see wreaths on vehicles. It shows he has a fantastic personality, quite a nice reflection on you and his dad :-)

Vonna said...

So happy you liked it Myrna. You made my first exchange a success!

Cathy did a splendid job on the pinkeep! It's truly lovely...and the twisted ribbon is gorgeous!
Lucky you!!

quiltorstitch said...

What a pretty ornament! I like the cording on it, it really makes it stand out. Your son’s jeep is cute! :D

Cathy said...

Myrna - it was so much fun reading your update - love the wreath on the jeep! Ha!

The ornament from Vonna is beautiful - nicely finished!

Glad you liked the pinkeep - I had fun with it! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, you have blessed with great friends! So do you share?! Kidding! Have fun with all your new goodies. :)


stitcherw said...

What great gifts, you're certainly covered for stash for a while.

The potato soup sounds really good this evening, ss it is rainy and cold. I think that the nice weather we've been having is on its way out and we'll be having much more normal winter weather shortly.

Cindy said...

You received some very wonderful things! A happy belated birthday to you too :)

Meari said...

What great exchanges!! LOL, at least DS is in the holiday spirit. :D

Erica said...

What wonderful gifts! You must feel very blessed today! Those ornaments from Vonna & Cathy are beautiful.

I like the Jeep too. My brother puts a wreath on the front of his overly-large Dodge Truck too.

Sue said...

Wow, what great gifts and stitching by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Awesome gifts you received. BTW, does your son live in Texas, since people down here love to decorate their vehicles for Christmas. :D
Barb in TX

bunnyhead said...

Those are beautiful gifts! They do such good work.

Sharon said...

Hi Myrna, you received some absolutely fab exchanges-they are both so pretty! would you share your potatoe soup recipe-my kids love it and I am always looking for a good one.

AnneS said...

Sorry I missed your birthday - I'm soooo behind on blog reading and only just catching up again :( All your exchanges lately have been amazing! I love them all!! :D

Cathy said...

Myrna - This is just a test - I'm having blogger trouble tonight!