Thursday, March 30, 2006

It lives!!!!

My dear son, Rick, has been able to breathe new life into my computer! It now has a new mother board, a new fan, an additional hard drive, and I can't remember what else. All my 'stuff' on the computer is still there, so, I am very happy!

I'm way behind on blogs -- but, thank you all for your wonderful comments about Camp and my new stuffs! I have been able to get some stitching done, and hope to be able to show those off soon. (we have to re-install the camera, or something. Rick said he would do it this weekend.)

I was able to print out the next installment of the Quaker Sampler at the library, so I have that to keep me busy the next few days. Then -- work on something already in progress or start on something new???? (I've got lots of goodies to pick from -- suggestions always welcome!)

Stitching on today: Forever In My Heart Tulip Sampler


Von said...

He is a dear son indeed, Myrna!!! It's wonderful to have computer geniuses in the family. :D

Lelia said...

Go Rick. Aren't computer people the best? DH is an "IT" person - he keeps the system humming along.

I missed your posts while you were sidelined ...

AnneS said...

Woohoo, you have a computer back again - yippee!! Can't imagine life without my PC ... although it might mean more housework and stitching getting done LOL ;P