Friday, April 28, 2006


Cathy got her exchange package, so, I can post a picture here. I found a darling card, and decided to go with a 'blue' theme. I 'grabbed' lots of things to fill a blue tote. I'm hoping she can use some of them. :-) (This was a grab bag exchange on the USExchangeBB.)

I've continued to stitch on the Lizzie Kate Christmas Blessings this week, and will update you all with a picture next week.

Sunday, I am going to join
Cathy and Bine, in stitching on the DT Game Board. Leila is going to join in too, I believe. I am stitching mine on a 32ct. fabric with good old DMC.

I'm thinking I can get another section on the Lizzie Kate done before Sunday, so, I better get busy!

Thank you all for visiting, and commenting! I really appreciate it!!

Stitching on today: Lizzie Kate Christmas Blessings


Cathy said...

Myrna - Thanks again - it was a wonderful surprise to come home too on Thursday. My daughter made off with the little bear in the bag! I'm anxious to use the Silkweaver fabrics. Everything was wonderful!

I'm ready to go on DT Game Board on Sunday - I'm starting over on 36ct....

Von said...

Hi Myrna,
You put together a delightful exchange gift!
I'll be looking for pics of your DT project. Have a great weekend!

Lelia said...

Hi GF: You selected well for the 'blue' grab bag. I saw all the goodies on Cathy's blog.

I put up a picture of my Game Board Sampler start -- the houses are a blast to stitch.