Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Pictures -- stitching ones!!!

Here is my 'Do Not Disturb'. I backstitched the 'Cross Stitcher at Work' with brown. The fabric next to my stitching is what I picked out to make the valances for the windows, and I'll use it to finish this off as a wall hanging.

Here is my 'Quaker Sampler' - stitched thru part three. It is on 28ct. Vintage linen with DMC 930. I really am liking the way this is turning out. **Edit** and now I see part 4 is on the website!! I'm printing it now....

This is 'Tulip Sampler' by Forever In My Heart. It called for silk threads, but, I picked out Crescent Colors Overdyed Floss, and stitched it on 28ct. pink Lugana.

And, here is what I have been stitching on lately... I stitched the border for the Lizzie Kate Christmas Blessings, and will fill in the blocks. Each block is a quick, fun stitch.

I also have started stitching on two exchange pieces... but, I can't reveal the details of those!

Thanks for looking, reading and commenting!! I've been reading blogs, but, have been bad about commenting lately. I'll try to do better!!

Stitching on today: Lizzie Kate Christmas Blessings


BeckySC said...

WOW, Myrna, you have been a busy bee :) Everything looks great!

Von said...

Myrna, this is an amazing number of projects! Congrats and they all are beautiful. :D

bunnyhead said...

Lovely work! What gorgeous projects. :)

Lelia said...

Do Not Disturb will look great with the fabic you selected. Lovely Quaker Sampler. The 930 is a nice color for it. Awesome tulip project - very Spring. I look forward to viewing more progress on the Lizzie Kate -- You have been a busy stitcher. Enjoy the day

Heather said...

I looked, but it only came up with parts 1,2 & 3 on the site.

All your stitching is looking lovely.

Lili said...

Great projects! Lizzie Kate definitely is a fun stitch! I'll print Quaker number 4 soon, just in case I might stitch it someday??? lol
Take care!

Lelia said...

Hey Myrna!! Yes, I plan to start the gameboard on Sunday W/Cathy. I got so little accomplished this week -- not sure why. Just out of my groove or something.

Nicholas turned 16 on the 25th. What a fun age. The boys have 12:15 early dismissal today & I'm taking them shopping. They continue to grow out of all their clothing. Gesh. Have a great day.