Friday, January 06, 2006

The Sun is Shining!

I can't remember the last time the sun was shining! Sure makes a difference in the day!

I stitched last night on the LHN Americana Sampling. It's coming along really well. I'll probably stitch on that later today also.

Also... I was looking for some 32ct. Mushroom Lugana in my fabric stash. Of course I did not have any (that I could find). So... I came up with another ingenious idea! I put the leftover coffee from the morning in a pan on the stove and brought it to a boil. I then added 32ct. Ivory Lugana and stirred it up. Let it steep for about five minutes, and placed it under running cold water. Rinsed it until it ran clear, and let dry. It turned out perfect! Just the beigy/tan color I was looking for!

Oh... and here is a question -- The classes have been posted for Camp Stitch-A-Lot. I'm torn about what to take, or to even take any classes. If Chuck goes back to work soon it shouldn't be a problem, but, if not.... Any opinions?

I need to locate the fabric I purchased for Catch the Wind. It looks like clouds, if I remember right...

Off to play --

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