Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's finished!! -- and pictures

I have been working on this Table Topper forever! (not really, but, it has been a 'camp' project, and this year I decided to finish it!) I do like the way it turned out...

Dutch Treat Designs "Classic Quilt Squares"
Fabric: Silkweaver Anne Cloth 'Days Gone By'
Fibers: DMC Perle Cottons

And, I had stitched this little design up at Camp. My sister had brought me the 'kit' with the design, fabric, fibers and buttons. The chart showed it finished as a basket wrap around, but, I decided to make it into a little pillow. (I am thinking of passing this on to my DIL! - she likes things 'tres cute'!)

Stitchin' Fix "Easter Basket"
Fabric: 18ct. Star Sapphire Linen
Fibers: Assorted 'cool' fibers

On another note... my sister Reee knits me socks. I love the socks she knits me... from the little ones for golf, to my big ones to keep my feet warm! Aren't they cool?

Any way... she keeps telling me that I could knit my own socks.... NOT! About all I can handle is knitting dishcloths! LOL So... she was very surprised when I told her I was sending her a pair of socks that I had knitted!!! Here is a picture of the socks that I knitted, (look close... they are in there!):

Knitted Kitty Creations "I Finally Knit Socks"
A Freebie in her 'odds & ends' collection
Knit in Red Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Yarn

I finally pulled the fibers for the Papillon Creations new Mystery Project "Castles in the Air". I debated over this a long time... finally had my daughter help me out, and then sent my DIL off to Hobby Lobby with a list, and instructions to change them, if they didn't 'look' right. She picked out what I had listed.

Floss toss for 'Castles In the Air'
Fabric: 28ct. Evenweave 'cream'
Fibers & Beads: DMC -- Gold metallic, Frosted gold and frosted orange beads

And for a parting shot... you get a picture of my big metal turkey. My son and DIL gave him to me a few Thanksgivings past, and he has a place of honor in the dining room bay window. He likes to dress up for the holidays... He thinks he is disquised as the Easter Bunny!

Take joy in the day -- wherever you may find it!!!

Family news.... DH no longer has to go to the podiatrist!! His foot is completely healed, and he is back to work!!! Thank you to all who offered up a little prayer...

If you made it this far... thanks for taking the time to look at my pictures, and read my ramblings. I appreciate you stopping by...


BeckySC said...

Myrna, your Table topper is gorgeous! Congratulations! AND, I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that pillow :)
((hugs to you))

Von said...

Congrats on your latest finishes, Myrna!! Got a kick out of your turkey too - very cute. :)

Lelia said...

Goodness Myrna -- everything looks great!!!

How about a progress pic on your Blackbird freebie?

I'd love to see the colors you have selected.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great finishes!!!!