Monday, September 14, 2009

Kristen's Photo!

My DIL Kristen entered a photo contest... Please vote for her picture!!

Dead End

Thanks so much!!!!


Julie said...

That's about as funny as a sign posted below the "Mascotte Cemetery" sign in Mascotte, FL. It read:

"Lots for rent"

Good luck to Kristen!

Julie said...

By the way, you live in my hometown! How small is this world we live in?! Is Kristen's picture of the DeWitt Cemetery?


Sharlotte said...

This is really funny! Reminds me of a photo I once seen that had a last name on a headstone.It read "KUPUT". I like Julie's post too.Funny!

wannabe crafty said...

I have actually seen a sign at a cemetery that said "one way street" and to most of those I hope it was a one way street to heaven.