Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Camp Stitch-A-Lot 2009

Once again, it was a wonderful weekend!! Camp Stitch-A-Lot is put on by Stitches 'N Things -- my favorite LNS! This is my ninth year of attending.

My sister, Reee, picked me up on Thursday, and we headed to Davison, MI. I had stitched up a new nametag to wear:

And, I stitched up a design to put on a tote, that I would carry my stitching stuff in all weekend.
Reee had picked out the design for me, and I finally stitched it up. She thinks it fits me perfectly! I don't 'get' it, but, oh well! The design is one of Amy Bruecken's.

I received a special giftee from my friends from New York! Daryl and Cathy surprised me with a pair of blue scissors (who would have picked out blue for me?!!), a measure that looks like a little sheep, and a beautiful skein of 'Lumpy Bumpy' yarn, and a gift certificate for the shop!!! I wound the yarn into a ball, and have already started a little on a scarf, in a seed stitch pattern.

We made our annual trek to the Elaine's Yarn shop in Davison, and I picked out this book to purchase. There are so many beautiful yarns there...

We headed to the shop in Fenton on Friday -- for a little stashing! I got some great things, and I also picked up some items at Deb's 'SNT On the Road' Shop at the Hotel.

Deb treated all attendees with a great vinyl tote, and inside were more goodies!

On Saturday morning... I took Betsy Stinner's class, 'Women of the Sea'. I just love Bets!!! You can't go wrong taking a class with Betsy as the teacher. It is always a treat, and I love the talk she gives as she's teaching.

Deb had a new thing for Saturday night... it was a raffle with all kinds of prizes! I won this beautiful chart by Blue Ribbon Designs, some threads and fabric! (My sister, Reee, won a set of Northern Lights Needlepoint Silks - I think 70 of them!!!)

And... I went 'shopping' in the chart cast offs! There is a place at camp, where stitchers bring their charts and things that they have stitched, or no longer want to have for the other campers to claim! I had taken some charts that I had already stitched, and they were grabbed up fast! Here is what I came home with to add to the stash.... (A few of them were brought to camp especially to give to me! LOL)

I did not take Amy Bruecken's finishing class, but, enjoyed spending stitching time with her. What a delight she is!! She surprised me by giving me these two charts!! (I had already purchased a few of her charts during the weekend -- so was thrilled to receive two more!)

And... last picture... here is most of the 'group' of us that have been attending together for the last nine years. We are the "Stitchy Sisters"!! There are a few missing, but, we hope to all be together next year for our ten year of friendship!

Thanks for looking!!! I appreciate that you took the time...


Vonna said...

That looks like it was a big BLAST! I'm so glad for you :o)

Tessa said...

Sounds like a weekend in Paradise :)
What a lot of stash - that should keep you busy for a while!

Sharon said...

Wow, what a blast you had! You brought back some fabulous stuff.

Lelia said...

What a fun post to read!!!! Thx for sharing : )

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!! With lots of stash!