Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Garden Time!

I received my SBEBB Garden Exchange from Amy! She made me the most awesome pillow, and included a chart from my wish list (with the buttons!), and fibers, and notepad, and chocolate!

Thank you, Amy!!! I love everything! :-)

Here is a picture of my few plants I have purchased... no, they are not planted yet! It was 33* when I took this picture this morning! They are still on the front porch, covered up at night. I know it was early to purchase the geraniums and tomatoes, but, I couldn't resist!

I played golf yesterday... it was cold! But, considering I hadn't picked up a golf club since last October, I figure I did pretty well. I ended up with a 51 for the nine. The greens were like cement! I guess they were frozen! Hopefully the weather will warm up, and my scores will go down....

I've been stitching on a Mother's Day present for my Mom. It is Hinzeit Charmed Vertical Mothers Love. I'm hoping to get it stitched and made into a wall hanging by Mother's Day. (excuse the wrinkles, please)

And... my dear husband, Chuck, thinks I need to be put somewhere where I can't hurt myself or anything else! Monday started off weird.... I thought to make myself a fried egg for breakfast, went to flip it, and missed the pan and onto the burner it went! I should have given up then! Made a run to the gas station, couldn't seem to get out of the van! Duh! undo your seatbelt!!! The front doorknob is loose... okay, I can fix this. I take it all off, clean it, and put it back together. The latchy thing won't work... Okay, I've broken the probably 100+ year old doorknob... but, hey! It looks good!! Nice and shiny! (you can see the latchy thing is not sticking out!)

At this point, I have such a headache... I think I will just give up and stitch! What harm can there be in that? I decide to press a piece of fabric... Becca asks me a question, and I answer her while leaving the iron on the fabric!!! Yuppers... it's scorched!!! Back to the chair... I have WIP's... just pull one of those out!

Headache still lingering... but, it's off to work today. Probably a disaster waiting to happen! LOL

Take care... thanks for stopping by!

(Amy -- I have to find my Earth Threads file to find the chart...)

(Leila -- the Motif TT is done with Caron Watercolours #157 Polar Ice on Ecru)


Vonna said...

I see your Wednesday was a 4 letter word for you too....I had a calamity of events too ;)
I love your exchange from Amy...isn't she a sweetie?
Take care and do anymore damage ! LOL!!

Carol said...

What a great exchange from Amy! And your plants remind me now that I should go look for some geraniums too before all the good ones are gone ;-)

stitcherw said...

Oh my, you were having a day. The flowers look so bright and cheerful, hopefully it is warm and stays that way soon so you can plant them. Your Mothers Day start is looking gorgeous too, your mom will love it.

Sharon said...

Lovely exchange received! Your plants are going to be pretty!

staci said...

Glad to see you made it through the day...sounds almost like a Fri the 13th!

Your flowers look so cheerful :) And congrats on a lovely exchange!