Friday, May 09, 2008

Garden Times Too!!

Wanda received the SBEBB Garden Time Exchange I sent her. She has let me know she likes it!

I sent her a little flower pillow... I found the black fabric and wanted to stitch something to go with it.

And, then I got to thinking, maybe it was not 'conventional' enough, and stitched up the little fob to send along with it.

And, I wanted to send a few garden themed goodies with it! I ordered a few charts -- I must have really liked the Garden Spots, 'cause I ordered two (from two different LNS!) I kept one!

I really enjoy the few exchanges I am able to sign up for. I just signed up for the Biscornu exchange on the SBEBB! I'll practice this finish for the monthly challenge, and then try it for the exchange. :-)

Thanks for reading and your comments... God Bless!


Carol said...

what a beautiful and thoughtful exchange :-)

Sharon said...

Beautiful exchange Myrna!

staci said...

Fabulous exchange!

stitcherw said...

What a lovely exchange you put together, perfect for Spring and a garden theme.