Thursday, April 03, 2008

SBQ 04-03-2008

This week's SBQ was suggested by Terri
( and is:

What items do you consider essential to your needlework that you keep
in your stitching bag?

Well... I have several! In each one is a pair of scissors and fob, a hoop, and a package of needles. So that would be the essentials.

Depending on the project, it might have my version of a BooBoo stick (that would be a Mary Kay tester mascara brush -- I had a friend give me a dozen one time!), and a magnetic board to hold the chart.

I love to be able to just grab a tote, if I am on my way out the door to go over to Mom's, or to have something to do while I wait for her at Dr. appointments, and stuff like that, or to sit on the deck in the sunshine!

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Now... thank you all for your kind words on my giftees I sent out.... You just never know when something might come in the mail. :-) I am feeling sooo much better. I think I am finally coming out of my 'downs'. Maybe it is the promise of Spring. I don't usually mind winter, but, enough!! I've mailed out my SBEBB Here's to Ewe Exchange! Can you believe, the perpetually late mailer mailed out five, count them, five days before the mailing date!!! Yes, Miracles Happen!!!

Thanks so much for reading, and your comments... I so appreciated them!


staci said...

I love all of your stitchings and I've been seeing your wonderful, colorful dishcloths all over!!!

tkdchick said...

I have to say this winter has really gotten me down too! Yesterday we had SNOW! Big, fat flakes flying in the air. Thank goodness it dodn't stay... but we still have plenty on the ground!