Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Lazy

We have been having a lazy day! I finished stitching CCN Geranium House, and started another project: JBW French Country Cat. And, we have been watching the CSI Marathon on TV.

Chuck made breakfast, we had a frozen pizza for lunch.... and then decided we would try something different! I made egg rolls!!! I made shrimp ones, and beef ones. Chuck says they are very yummy!!! They weren't that hard... I did all the mixing and wrapping, and Chuck did the deep frying!

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and your comments!

Current stitch: JBW French Country Cat
Current read: Nora Roberts: "The Calhouns: Suzanna and Megan"


BeckySC said...

Myrna, it sounds like you had a great relaxing day :)

Vonna said...

Looks yummy!!!
I was watching the CSI marathon with ya!

Julie said...

Sounds delicious and being that they were easy... do you care to share the recipe?
Visiting on your site today and am enjoying it.