Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Bit of Accomplishments!

Last night was our league golf banquet. We had a fun time playing golf, and then a little meeting and awards. I received a little birdie pin... I had the most birdies of anyone in the league this year! I also received an award (cash!) for having low net score (28)! All in all, a pretty good year playing golf with the league!

Today I didn't have to work!!! I finished up the JBW French Country Cat --- don't know how I'll finish-finish it yet!

JBW French Country - Cat
28 ct. Cashel - Country Cream
DMC #310

Then, set the oven to clean, and spent the rest of the morning playing in my Craft Room -- putting things away and a little reorganizing! I found a frame that I had gotten for LHN Home of a Needleworker, and got that framed up! It now hangs in the living room. :-)
And, I made a little wall hanging out of CCN Geranium House, and that is hanging on the front door! Today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary. DH Chuck stopped at Stitches 'N Things yesterday, and Deb helped him pick up a few things! In the bag was two packages of Piecemakers needles, some Six Strand Sweets fibers, an emery board that says 'The Cat Hair Is Free', and a sticker for the van's window that says 'I (heart) Cross Stitch'! Deb also put in a beaded thing to wear around your neck and hold a little pair of scissors!

I guess I'll keep him for another year! LOL

Thanks for reading and your comments!

Current Stitch: An Autumn Design


TinaTx said...

Happy anniversary! And congrats to you on your new stash. Any hubby that will stop by and buy stash is worth keeping another year. I have one of those stickers on the back of my van, except I got the 'Queen of Cross Stitch' one. Hubby doesn't like driving the van now when I'm not with him!

Vonna said...

I bought a sticker from Deb that says: CROSS STITCH QUEEN and it has a little threaded needle over it. CUTE!
Love all your finishes...Your HOAN is super! And your GH is cute as a button! Great going on the cat too!

Sharon said...

Congrats on your golf award! Your finishes are beautiful-I especially love the GH wall hanging-I know it looks fab on the door. Happy Anniversary to you and Chuck! May you have many more-how sweet he was stopping by the stitching store for gifts.

I have to laugh-because I have the sticker- cross stitch diva on my car.

Leena said...

Happy (belated) anniversary!! Your finishes look so beautiful, what a lovely wall hanging you made!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Happy anniversary, lovely finishes they look wonderful