Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I was having a 'poor me' day. DH is away, the kids were demanding... and the new kitten, Willow, was staked out in my stitching chair! (Too cute to move!) She is not our cat, but, belongs to son and his fiance. We just 'cat-sit'.

I think I've killed one of the plants we received, my house looks like a disaster, and I have no motivation to straighten!

I went looking for something to read... I have lots of books, but, they are mostly crime stories, or the like, and I wanted something more 'light'. I found one by Nora Roberts -- but, wouldn't you know it? It's book two! I wonder where book one is?

So, I decided what better time to start on the 'thank you's'. I managed to get quite a few done before the mail was delivered. To my surprise... there was a package... from Nicki? (Nicki had been the moderator in the Redwork exchange, and my package had gone missing.... I finally received it last week, but, Nicki -- in her kind heartedness, also stitched me something!) I was thrilled!!!! This was just the thing to pick up my day! Check this out -- A Redwork tin -- all my own!!! And it even has an 'M' on it!! (I'll try to take a better picture)

And, then I open it up -- inside is such a fantastic finish, and a precious fob!! (the back of the fob has an 'M' too!)
Edit: I found the perfect little scissors that fit inside the tin!

As soon as I'm done posting, I'll be running upstairs for the perfect little pair of scissors for it! Nicki -- Thank you so much!!! I do truly adore it!

And, now a question.... I would like to plant a Forsythia in memory of my Mother-In-Law, as she always had these in bloom in the spring. Does anyone know when they should be planted? In the spring? If anyone has the 'green thumb' and can let me know, it would be appreciated.

Today is my golf league, so that will be nice to get back out and play. The weather is near perfect, and it should be fun.

I'm dividing my stitching time between two exchanges, and CCN Geranium House. Can't take pictures of the exchanges, but, here is a progress on Geranium House... yes, I changed the color of the house! :-)

I'm hoping to make this into a banner for the front door... I think it would look good there!

Off to stitch a little....

Thanks for reading, and all your comments! They are much appreciated!

Stitching on today: Shhhh -- exchanges!


Lavender Rose said...

Dear Myrna, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm honored that you like it! About that forsythia...early spring...That's when it blooms. What a sweet thought to remember your MIL. I was very close to mine, too. I always think of her when I buy violets...her favorites. Love your Geranium House!

Vonna said...

I love your GH and I think it would look spectacular on your front door! Your home looks so warm and welcoming....just like a home should look like :)

Meari said...

Sorry to hear you were having a bad day. Hopefully the little package brightened it up. :) How thoughtful of Nicki.

stitcherw said...

Willow is a real cutie, I can see why you wouldn't have the heart to make her move. Your tin and fob are beautiful, what a wonderful surprise to get in the mail. That was sweet of Nicki to stitch you a replacement when the one was thought to be lost.

Geranium House is so pretty. I love your color change on the house, it should make a delightful banner.

Singular Stitches said...

Willow is a sweetie!! I wouldn't be able to move him either.

The banner will look great!

Lelia said...

Wonderful LHN - Geranium House is a great design. And your tin w/fob is awesome. What scissors fit the tin?? I found some at HOS with a short blade & very round handles -- they were $8 & I think that style will fit a tin.

And, where or where are my 'tin' patterns. I have a couple of them, untouches!! yikes.

what a sweet kitten : )

Carol said...

Lovely gift - oh my!! So glad it perked you up too! You plant your forsythia in the fall, not the spring. They go on sale quite shortly, actually. After it winters over it will be very happy to bloom for you in Spring 2008 :-)

Aussie Stitcher said...

I like your tin very much. Geranium House is lovely in blue, and Willow is so sweet.


Lynn said...

Oh Willow looks so comfy!! Adorable cat!! And what a beautiful tin and fob you got!! I'd love to see the scissors inside of it. And I think Geranium house will look good as a banner in your house, they are almost exact!!

Sharon said...

That is a gorgeous little tin and fob! Your house is so pretty and GH will look great on the front door.