Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My 2011 Needlework Challenge

Hi -- It's me!!! With my own challenges....

So.... I didn't think it was a good idea to start 15 new projects. It's not that I don't have 15 that I want to start, but, geez.... don't I have enough things started??? So, a group of my stitching friends that I go to Camp Stitch-a-lot with, decided to change up the Challenge a little.

We would pull 15 UFO's (yes, I have that many.... really many, many more than that!), and randomly work on those. When we get one finished, we can start a new project, or pull out another UFO to add to our 15. These could be any kind of needlework -- knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, needlepoint, or quilting.

With that -- here is my list:

1. Kimi Kimono Sweater (knitting)
2. Vivi Sweater (knitting)
3. Just Nan "Baby Garden" (cross stitch)
4. JBW "French County IV - Pumpkin" (cross stitch)
5. "Bless This House" kit (cross stitch)
6. Gold Collection Kit "Royal" (needlepoint)
7. Dutch Treat Designs "Harvest Grapes Tabletopper" (cross stitch)
8. Petit Fleur Bib (knitted)
9. Joann's Shoulder Blanket (knitted)
10. Papillon "How Does Your Garden Grow?" (cross stitch)
11. LHN "The Friendship Tree" (cross stitch)
12. Blackbird Designs "Blessings Be Thine" (cross stitch)
13. Blackbird Designs "Quaker Garden" (cross stitch)
14. Sticktreff Band Sampler (cross stitch)
15. Dutch Treat Designs "Daffodil Tabletopper" (cross stitch)

Quite the list, huh? So, 15 days into this challenge, I was stumped as to what I wanted to work on! Did I want to knit, or stitch? What project did I feel like working on? I could not make up my mind! (okay... that's been missing since the move in July, or maybe just since I've been off work waiting for my knee surgery!) I went to, and let it pick me a project!!! And, when I get tired of working on that one, I can go back, and let it pick me out a different one!

I've made some progress on the DTD Harvest Grapes TT, and the LHN Friendship Tree, along with the Shoulder Blanket. I will need to post updated pictures of those.

Until later.... keep your needles handy!

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Karen said...

You have picked some beautiful WIPs to work on. Good luck with your challenge!

Lelia said...

Oh my! You hands will never have a dull moment. You have chosen well. Looking forward to your progress thru the year.

Good idea about using random to select your project : ) What a hoot.

Keep warm. We are in for some below zero weather with bitter wind chills

Jeanne said...

I"m with you - I don't dare start 15 NEW projects with so many WIPS and UFO's already LOL. You've got some great projects - grab one and get going and you'll feel great when you knock one off the list!