Thursday, March 27, 2008

Exchanges Received & Camp Stitchalot

Hi All...

I received two wonderful exchanges! One was the Tea Time Exchange from Judith... She made this awesome Tea Box, and included a box of fruit teas! I love it, and had to keep an eye on this as my sister also thought it was very cool!

And, I received the Winter Exchange from Carol S.! Isn't this fob just the most darling! She also spoiled me with lots of goodies and sugar free chocolate! (they are not in the picture -- Gone!) I took my new fob and scissors to Stitch Camp and showed it off to everyone! (And ate the chocolates!)

And.... I went to Camp Stitchalot in Davison, MI. This is sooo much fun! I stitched up my nametag, (note the three black cats on mine!) and ones for my friends Daryl and Cathy, and then my sister Ree, who designed the nametag, said she hadn't gotten hers done, so, I stitched one up for her too! I finished them into pockets with cording, that hangs around the neck.

Camp is put on by Deb of Stitches 'N Things, and I think this is the eighth year I have gone. It is really like a reunion for a group of us that go every year. We email all year, but, it sure is great to see my 'Stitchy Sisters' for real hugs once a year! Here is a picture of our Stitchy Sister group... with the exception of five, I think, that weren't able to be there this year or missed the picture.

I took a class with Betsy Stinner. She is just the sweetest lady! The class this year was Amish Basket Stitching Smalls, and even included the little basket! (This is not my set... it is the picture on the chart.)

Bets always has such an interesting talk during the class, and this year was no exception!

Other than getting some stitching done, there was a lot of laughter and chatter!

Me and Betsy (she was leaving to head home... I think Reee took this picture.)

Me and my big sister, Reee:

I sent out a mess of packages on Tuesday, so am just waiting for them to arrive, so I can post pictures of them. I hope they are well received....

Until later... Here's hoping that Spring arrives soon!!! (It's snowing, again!!)

Thanks for reading, and your comments... they are much appreciated!


Sharon said...

Hi Myrna! You have received some beautiful exchanges. I bet those fruit teas will be yummy. Love the nametags you stitched-they are so cute!

The retreat looks like fun. I actually visit Stitches and Things website daily. Deb is so nice and helpful!

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Vonna said...

Howdy Myrna...I was just sitting down to read my back log of blogs and the Postman comes and brings me a package from you!!!! My goodness...I love the fob and the crochet dishrag..and I can ALWAYS use marking pins because I've lost all of mine! LOL! Thank you so much for this act of kindness :)
And I love all your stitching and friend's stitching that you have here on your post...I think that the camp always sounds like such fun each time you go :)
Thanks again Myrna, you made my day!
My love to you and big hugs too!

Lennu said...

You've received beautiful exchanges! The nametags are very pretty, the camp must be really fun :)

tkdchick said...

That looks like fun! I enjoy my retreats every year!

stitcherw said...

I love the badges you designed. They are so cute, and how perfect your little black cats fit into the picture. This would be almost pefect for me too, as 3 of my cats are all black, with the 4th being black and white.

Glad you had such a good time at camp. I had a ball when I went as well. I didn't get to take Betsy's class this year, but did take Catherine's. They both had wonderful projects.

Courtney said...

dang I knew I should have gone to that retreat!!

Jenna said...

It must be so lovely to get together with a group of women, even if it's only once a year. I'm jealous. :)

You've been quite busy, with all of those nametags, plus all of the goodies that you've been sending out. Good for you!

The exchanges you've received are just marvelous. What a wonderful job both ladies did, with great goodies to go with them!