Friday, February 23, 2007

Is it Spring yet?

And, here I was silly enough to think Spring might be on it's way! No... it was a windy, chilly, 13 degrees F. when I went to work this morning at 4:30!! It's a bit warmer now, but, not at all like the last couple of days in the 40's! Who knows what the weekend will bring...

I stitched Wednesday on my LHN Home of a Needleworker. (sorry... I didn't press it before I took the picture.) I worked some more on the house, and also charted out my name to stitch on there next week.

Becca continues to suffer with a nasty sinus/head cold thingee. But, we sat at the dining room table last night, and she and I made up this cool fob for a pair of my little scissors! I think it turned out pretty dang cool!

I've been stitching on some exchanges... and this weekend will try to get an ornament stitched up in the Ornament SAL. And, maybe do some finishing! I have my needleroll from earlier this month to put together, and the box finish, and some exchange finishing. :-) Busy, busy... Too bad the husband and kid think they need clean clothes, and food, otherwise I could just sit and stitch away! Oh... and the cats think they should have all my attention! (Shadow loves to sleep in my stitching rocker, and when I go near there, he puts his little face into the back of the chair. I think it's "If I can't see you, you won't make me move!" kind of a thing.)

I also picked up "The Thirteenth Tale" at the library this afternoon. It's on a 7-day loan, so I'll also get started on that if I can get a chance.

Not much else... Everyone have a great weekend!!

Thanks for reading, and your comments...


Chelle said...

You're making good progress on your LHN project! The fob Becca made is beautiful. Love the dragonfly!

Vonna said...

That fob is Beautiful!!!! Sparkly!

You know I love your HoaNW!! You're making LOTS of progress! I'm changing mine around a least I have in my head I'm changing it around...We'll have to see how that goes :)
{{hugs}} my friend!

cathymk said...

What a wonderful fob!!

Home of a needleworker is looking fabulous!! I have just kitted this and will be starting while I am on holidays.

Jenna said...

Wow, that fob turned out terrific! Very cool!

stitcherw said...

Home is looking good, I really like the color blue you chose for the house on it. Hope Becca is feeling better soon, the beading you did for the fob is adorable. That would be a fun one to have in your stitching goodies.

~Kim~ said...

WOW, you really did play with those beads and made a wonderful fob!

Wow, you are just moving along on this one! Congrats on the progress.


Sharon said...

The fob is just gorgeous! My kind of colors. You are making good progress on your LHN project.

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

What a gorgeous fob! Where did you get that dragonfly??

Lelia said...

Yeah, where is Spring? It is snowing & blowing like crazy here in NW Indiana.

Your daughter is beautiful in her dress. Good Job Myrna : ) Did she have a good time??? Sorry to hear she has not been feeling well. Our youngest, Alex, has had one thing after the other -- and always shares his cold with me. Blek.

I just luv your HOme of a Needleworker -- & your finish on Peaches is too kewl.

Nice fob!! What a nice job on it : )

Lovely photos in your Photo Hunt. The sampler is too awesome for words.

You might have been too busy for the 13th tale; however, I enjoyed it very much. So far this year, it has been my favourite.