Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter Quaker Exchanges

Hi all....

I received the Winter Quaker Exchange on the SBEBB from Veronica! She stitched this awesome pinkeep, over one!! She also sent some great goodies with it! (I love those mesh bags!)


And, Barbara has received the Winter Quaker I sent her! I made a needle book, and also included a few goodies...


Thank you all for your kind comments on my drawing from Kristen! I told her that you all had commented, and she could have a market for these!! Kristen said she could draw some more... so, if you are interested... send me an email, and I'll pass it on to her!


I've been stitching on a SanMan SAL, "Let It Snow"; my Valentine Exchanges; the DT Game Board Sampler SAL; and just started LHN "Home of a Needleworker" in a SAL! I think that is keeping me busy stitching! (Yeah, I love winter, where I can just cozy up in my stitching chair and stitch!) I'm making no goals for this year, just to stitch what I have in my stash! I keep finding lots of great charts.


I've also been making progress on the cleaning up of the dungeon (that's the basement!). I've found lots of goodies stashed down there I had forgotten about! I need more time in the day to organize and stitch! (Lelia... I found the missing fabric! Remember?)


I am still enjoying working on my quilt blocks... I'll have to take the camera upstairs to the sewing room to take a picture of my latest ones soon...


And... I didn't sign up for anyone's PIF challenge, but, I want to modify it a little for me. So... Here is how it will work:

The first five people to respond to this post (via the comments section) with PIF in the comment, will receive some form of hand crafted item from me... it may be stitched, knitted, or sewed! I will try to make the item special just for you! After you comment, please email me your snail mail address (Hallman207 at comcast dot net), and include a little bit about yourself --like favorite color, pets, whatever. I'm putting a deadline of Feburary 1, 2008, but, will surely try to get my five items out before that! No catch... I'm not requesting you post this, as I think everyone has already done that, and I just want to play too!


That's it for now... I have to go to work. (Put's a crimp in my stitching plans!)

Everyone have a great day... I'll share one more picture of our winter weather...

Thanks for reading, and your comments! It is much appreciated!


Jenna said...

What a lovely pinkeep from Veronica! And the needle book that you made for Barbara is stunning. You are so generous with the goodies!

Kristen's drawing was fantastic. Does she do dogs? I wonder if I could send her some links to pics of my Pomeranian and see if she could do a line drawing of her.

You've been quite busy lately, on all fronts. Congrats! :)

If I sign up for your PIF, do you want something back from me? I would love to have something that you have created; your stitching is so beautiful!

Vonna said...

You're needlebook is just fan-tab-ulous! Your finishes keep getting better and better!
and Veronica's Quaker is beautiful as well - lucky you!

Barbara said...

Yes indeed, the pinkeep you made for me is AMAZING and I really love it! Thanks so very much for the generous gifts, too!!!

Anonymous said...

What you received & what you stitched are all just lovely.

Coral said...

My first visit! - I have popped over due to reading Barbara (thank you Barbara). Your daughter's drawing is fab, it really has a lot of movement in it.

Goldie said...

I just happened upon your blog from the exchange place BB. Your needlebook is gorgeous. You've really done a spectacular job of finishing. Congratulations!

Von said...

Two wonderful exchanges, one given, one received!
Sounds like you have quite enough stitching projects in your basket right now, lol!

Lucy said...

Hi Myrna...found your blog at another. I'm not new to cross stitching but just to cross stitch bloggers. I love your needle book. (and your blog) I'll be back again. Come over and visit mine.

stitcherw said...

Both of the exchanges are so pretty. I've never done a pin keep, but seeing all the different ones that have turned up in exchanges lately is making my fingers itchy to do one.

Sharon said...

Hi Myrna, both exchanges are beautiful. But. your needlecase is to die for. Love it. I am interested in your PIF, I with Jenna on that one. I would love to have something that you have made.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your gift is great and I love the needlebook you stitched. The finishing is wonderful. Happy Stitching on all the other projects, CJ

Lelia said...

Positively fab quaker exchange gifts. WOW. Just lovely!!

I want to get more stitching done & went on-line to the library site for some audio books. When I read, I don't stitch! When i listen to the novels -- I can get more done.

YES!!! I remember the missing fabric. That is always so frustrating to KNOW you have it SOMEWHERE.

eeegads GF, I was sorting thru my stuff all afternoon & found some really neat things tucked away. Like patterns with OVER DYE fibers in bags ... and expensive cat buttons. I was like "OH YEAH, I remember that". Yikes.

Ka-ching ... like shopping without spending. And enjoying every second.

All the while, I was looking for one scrap of blue-green linen ... and found it around 3pm [at last]. I'm trying to get my 'Stuff' together for the ornament (week-end SAL).

Cathy said...

Your quaker exchanges, both given and received, are fabulous!