Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Done!!!! (finally....)

I finally finished that "Joann's Knitted Shoulder Blanket"!!!  Not really a weekend project for me..  It has taken me forever!!!   I think it was the yarn that was making it so hard for me to knit...  I used Lion Brand Homespun, and it would stretch and bunch...  (Don't think I will ever knit with it again!)

Here it is all done....  Now on to the next project!!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

First finish of 2013!

I had my first finish of 2013! 

It was the 2013 Band Sampler by Kincavel Krosses. (freebie I found on-line.) It was 59 x 135, stitched on a 28ct. creme evenweave with DMC 3051 & 3750. I changed the dividing bands to specialty stitches - Smyrna cross, rice, eyelet, vertical oblong tied, star stitch and herringbone. I started it on 1/1/13, and finished on 1/8/13 !!!   I really like the way it turned out!

Now, I am knitting on the dreaded shoulder blanket.   It says it is a weekend project... but, I have been knitting on this for more than a year!  I will finish it, and it will be warm, but, I don't think I will ever knit with Lion Brand Homespun yarn again!

Happy Stitching... or whatever needleart you enjoy!!!

Myrna  >^..^<

Friday, January 04, 2013

A New Year... and Blog Hop #14

Just made up my list for my 2013 challenge.  Some are items that were on my 2012 list, but, so it goes....  It is posted on the right side.

Blog Hop #14:

What was your biggest stitching accomplishment in 2012?  What was your favorite stash acquisition in 2012 and will you be using it in 2013?

Hmmmm.... I think my biggest thing was finishing Butternut Road "Catch the Wind" for my mother.  She loved it!!!

My favorite thing was a new tote my sister got me... It is aqua blue with lots of pockets!!

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Happy Crafting in the New Year... I'm off to stitch!!!

Myrna  >^..^<

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Losing the Stitching Mojo!!!

 Stitching the Night Away Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop

"Have you ever had a case of the “stitching blahs” where you just didn’t want to stitch? Or maybe it was more like you didn’t get to stitch because you were busy and that created a chain reaction sense of the “blahs” and led to even less stitching…. sort of like a case of “the Mondays” that we are all familiar with. How do you handle your stitching blahs and get back into stitching mode?"

Why yes,I have!!!  I think the longest was five years.  I do tend to go for weeks at at time, and then wonder why I am not stitching! When that happens,I try to put in at least one length of floss a day.  It relaxes me, and then I realize, that one thread turned into an hour of enjoyment.  :-)  Sometimes just pulling a small project will get the stitching mojo back.

Visit all the blogs in this round of the Stitching the Night Away Stitching Blogger Blog Hop:
Find the instructions on how to participate in this round by clicking here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Big 2012 Finish!!!

This was stitched for my mother.  Finally finished for Mother's Day!!!

Butternut Road "Catch the Wind".  I love it!  I hope she does also!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kitties help to stitch....

I didn't know I needed help holding the chart for my current project!  But, as you can see from the upper left corner.... I have kitty chew marks!!! (they are not 'fessing up, but, I have a pretty good idea who's teeth marks those are!)  Now when I am not stitching, the chart gets hidden! 

This is a new type of project for me.  It is needlepoint and is 'Hearts and Flowers Quilt' from Nancy's Needle.  I am doing it in beige, pink, and sage colors.  It is the perfect project for stitching while watching the Masters on TV!

And, here is a picture of my adorable Ruthie!!!  She is such a little giggle bug!!!  Grandchildren are fun!  She has two little teeth hiding in there... but, doesn't show them.

Got the news yesterday at the doctors,  that I get to go back to work on the 17th, with restrictions.   Work is happy -- me?  not so much!!   Guess I'll be stitching my little heart out for the next ten days!!!  Wonder if I can get anything finished...

Happy Spring (it should show up eventually!) & Happy Stitching!!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment -- it is much appreciated!!!

Monday, April 04, 2011

It's Daffodil Time!

Another finish to my list....  I finished up the Dutch Treat Designs "Daffodil Tabletopper" last night!  I don't think spring is ever going to show up in Michigan... it just teases us, but, I now have spring on my table!  (the flowers are not real, as the kitties would be up there if they were!)

Dutch Treat Designs "Daffodil Tabletopper"
White Anne Cloth
Suggested DMC Perle Fibers
 (changed center of flowers)

So... what to stitch now?   I think I am going to try the needlepoint project I purchased while at Camp....  Something new on this rainy, gloomy day.

Stitch Happy!!!

Myrna  :-)